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Homemade Citrus-Infused Tartar Sauce

Summer is here, and that means you may be doing a lot of cooking and grilling. Fish and seafood are great for the grill. Yesterday I shared a recipe for a Surf N' Turf Burger as part of my ambassadorship for Project Envolve. Today I am sharing the recipe for the homemade citrus-infused tartar sauce that I topped my burger with. I loved that this recipe was really simple to make, and only used a few ingredients. I can easily make a batch of this homemade citrus-infused tartar sauce, and be out and about with my family in no time flat. And since grilling season is here, this topping can be used on more than just seafood. Homemade Citrus-Infused Tartar Sauce: Homemade ... READ MORE

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Making Homework Easier With P&Geveryday

Summer may be in full swing with barbeques, swimming, and vacation travel. School is definitely *not* on the minds of most school-aged children. They have spent time learning and studying and taking tests, so they want to leave it behind them and just have fun. Homework doesn't have to be scary because #PGeveryday is making homework easier for parents and students. Making Homework Easier With P&Geveryday But summer will be over before you ... READ MORE

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