A Trip To The Corn Maze

Recently we took a trip to a local corn maze for a Youth Group activity.  We went to the same place last year, so we had an idea of what to expect.  Of course, we couldn’t just do a regular corn maze, we had to be different, and have things a little more complicated.  Our group does flashlight corn maze.  It’s at night, and you navigate using a flashlight.  One of the most important things to know about this corn maze is that you had better be well versed in useless trivia.  It’s how you navigate the paths.  Who would have thought that my son’s habit of reading every Snapple lid would actually be just what we needed?  Some of the questions really made you stop and think about them.  What you thought would be the right answer, actually was completely wrong, and usually led you to a dead-end.  Last year, the kids split up from the adults(a big leap of faith for me, as my son wasn’t quite 12), and they ended up finishing the maze a good twenty minutes before the adults.  Our time was a dismal 72 minutes last year.  This year we all stuck together, and we ended up finishing in a very respectable 40 minutes.  According to the answer key, average time was 32 minutes, so we felt pretty good.  The most important thing was everyone had fun, we didn’t lose anyone, and no one had to call 9-1-1 to get out!

So here are some pictures from the maze, mostly at the end because you couldn’t photograph inside the maze.

 Oldest DS checking out some farming questions.
Spider on the sign.
Inside the barn,  They had a ton of good food and snacks.
After we finished.  Oldest and youngest clowning around.
DH(in the green jacket) and youth leaders checking out the pumpkins.
Pumpkins in their natural habitat.
Reminds me of my favorite Fall movie.
Waiting to go(love how I got the movement of youngest DS in this picture)
So that’s how we spent our Saturday evening.  I really enjoyed the time off with my family.  So tell me:
What do you do in your family to celebrate Fall?
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    I actually just wrote about our apple picking adventure on my blog. Besides apple picking we do the pumpkin patch, hayrides, and we also take part in a corn maze adventure. Our local orchard does an event called “The Lighting of The Great Pumpkin”, which happens this Friday and signifies the start of the Halloween festivities. The kids are so excited! Fall is such a great time for family and capturing beautiful memories! I loved your pictures. :)
    Flawed Mommy recently posted..Welcoming The Fall Season: Fun Time At the OrchardMy Profile

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