Great Apps For Your Nook HD/HD+

One of my favorite things to do is read.  To me it is the most relaxing thing to do with my time.  I enjoy a variety of genres, and look forward to new releases.  I have always been old school where I swore that I always wanted a physical book in my hand.  I loved the look of books on a shelf, and loved the sound of turning pages and cracked spines.  And then, it happened.  I found E-Readers.  The idea that you could have all your books with you at one time was a very appealing concept.

I started out with the first generation Nook e-reader.  I liked it because it was very simple and easy to use.  It was almost the same as reading a regular book. And the added bonus was you had a very simple web browser that you could use to check your email.  After that, I moved onto the Nook Tablet.  It was sort of like an I-pad, because you could play games, cruise the internet, and watch movies on it.

nook hd+ tablet
Then, Barnes & Noble came out with their Nook HD line.  Okay, I have to tell you this up front: I work for B&N.  But, this post is in no way affiliated with them.  I am not being paid or compensated in any way by mentioning them in my blog post.  I am writing this because I truly like the product because it fulfills my needs at a reasonable price. Okay, disclaimer stuff over.  I have always been able to really try out these products because of the demo units at the store. I am a very cautious buyer about electronics because I don’t have extra money to waste on products that don’t help me in my everyday life.  I will admit that I don’t even have a smart phone.  So this tends to fulfill the void.  Since Nook installed Google Play, this unit has really been everything that I need at this point in my life.  I think it compares well to I-pad, with the exception that it doesn’t have 4G.  In order to use some of the features, you need to be in a Wi-Fi spot.  But since there is wi-fi just about everywhere, it really is not an inconvenience for me.

I thought I would take a few moments to share a few of my favorite apps.  Some can be found on the Nook Apps website, and some on the Google Play site.

  • CalenGoo~this is my favorite and most used app.  It syncs with my Google Calendar, and has eliminated my whole planner dilemma. Another great point is that it syncs throughout all our devices.  My husband has a tablet and a smart phone he uses for work.  He no longer has to call and ask me what is going on, he always has it at his finger tips. And yes, it is a paid app, but it will be the best money you spent, as it is a long-lasting investment to your life.
  • Gmail App~It is a fast and easy way to get your email.  There is also a Yahoo! app for those that use Yahoo as their email provider. I do use the HD+ app from B&N, as the Google version is a little less user-friendly.
  • WordPress~I use the Nook application for WordPress.  You can use it without a wireless connection, and it will sync to your blog as soon as you do get connected.  I use it to prepare drafts when I am away from home.  When I get back to my laptop, I can add, edit, and delete as I see fit.
  • Out Of Milk~It is a shopping list, to-do list, and pantry planner all in one.  You can also find local grocery deals when you sync it to your smart phone.  I keep master lists on it for housecleaning and bill paying items as well. It is nice because it eliminates a lot of paper! This is a Google Play app, as the one from B&N is a bit glitchy sometimes.

So, these are just a few items that I find must-haves for my Nook HD+.  I have a ton more apps and games that I use on my HD+, but I think I will share them in another post.  These are a few items that every HD+ owner should start with.  If you have a Nook or smart phone, what are your favorite apps?

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