Book Review~Who Do I Lean On? by Neta Jackson

As you may know from a previous post, I love the books written by the author Neta Jackson. If you haven’t been to my blog before, you can check out my thoughts here.

Who Do I Lean On? is the third book in the House of Hope series. It continues to chronicle Gabby Fairbanks, and her struggles to make it on her own after her husband removed her(as in: threw out)from their penthouse apartment. I found this book to be the most interesting of the books in this series so far because someone finally makes Gabby stop and think about her responsibility to her husband and her marriage. Throughout the first two books, the author skirts around the fact that Gabby did not stop to talk to her husband before she made her decision to take a new job or bring her mother home to stay with her. While I don’t agree with her husband making the rash decision to kick her out, I actually could understand why he did it.

In this day and age, I could not imagine making such a major decision without the support and approval from my husband. Making decisions without consulting your husband is just asking for problems in a marriage. Reading this book has made me feel so much better about my relationship with my husband, and how we handle decisions together.

The one downside to this series is there is a lack of sister interactions, which is what I enjoyed most about her first series. I know that this series is geared toward another character, but I miss the prayer group aspect that was so central to the first series of books. While the main character in this book is a married woman with children, I don’t feel I have the connection with her as I did with the main character in the original Yada Yada Prayer Group series, Jodi Baxter. Jodi is involved in this series, but Gabby’s main friend is Henry Bentley, the doorman at her apartment complex.

All in all, I like this series a lot. There is no inappropriate content in these books, they are fun, and the focus on trying to live life in a Godly manner. I do think the author got away from the scriptural references that were so evident in the first series. I miss being challenged to look up and read passages in my Bible. I also missed the many references to family time, cooking(and the recipes in the party editions), cleaning, and general household management. You know, the daily struggles we all face, and the things that made the characters so real.

The series concludes in Who Is My Shelter? . I hope that this review was helpful to you, and that it inspires you to pick up a book and read.

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