Great Baseball Books For Kids

baseball books

Can you hear it? The subtle sounds of people wishing it was Spring? Yeah, I am one of those people clamoring for warm weather. My favorite part of Spring is baseball, as many of you already know. Some kids are gearing up to start their Spring seasons, as long as the weather cooperates. In the meantime, if your baseball-loving son is stuck inside, here are some great baseball books that will get … [Read more...]

BODYARMOR® SuperDrink Product Review

bodyarmor superdrink

*This post is sponsored by BODYARMOR® SuperDrink. While I received products to facilitate my review, all opinions are 100% my own. If you are a sports Mom, or know anyone that has kid athletes, you know how important it is to stay hydrated during games. Sports are rough on our bodies, and even worse on a youngster. We try to make sure that our kids are drinking plenty of water, but sometimes that … [Read more...]

Show Your Appreciation For Your Child’s Head Baseball Coach

head baseball coach

Your head baseball coach tirelessly volunteers his or her time and resources to make playing baseball for your child, and probably you too. Instead of waiting till the season is over, show them how much they are appreciated throughout the entire season. Some of these ideas don't even require any monetary donation from you or other team parents. Head Baseball Coach Appreciation Ideas That … [Read more...]

A Mom’s Guide To Fall Baseball


The sun is hot and blazing, you can hear ice clinking in glasses of lemonade. There is the sound of a sprinkler and kids laughing. And you are sitting back thinking how you should start preparing for fall baseball. What a minute what? Fall baseball in the middle of summer? Yes, it is certainly true. Most seasoned baseball Moms know that the baseball season doesn't end in June. Fall baseball … [Read more...]

Snack Ideas For Baseball Moms


Are you always looking for ways to save money while you and your family are at a youth baseball game? Do you feel like you are single handedly supporting your park's snack bar each week? Then this post is definitely for you! I can help you with ideas to bring great snacks with little time and effort. I recently wrote a post about what Mom needs for a new baseball season. One of the major things … [Read more...]

What Mom Needs For A New Baseball Season

what mom needs for a new baseball season

Did you ever wonder what Mom needs for a new baseball season? It may seem overwhelming, but with a little planning, a new baseball season can be fun, not stressful. What Mom needs for a new baseball season Here are a few important things you should make sure you have: Contact information for the head coach and any assistant coaches. Hopefully your coach gives you this information on the … [Read more...]

What I Learned This Week: Baseball Equipment Is Expensive

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It's another week, and time for more education. I am so happy to be joining Julie for What I Learned This Week. She always makes me smile with all the gems she learns. And it is so nice to see that she provides a way for bloggers to share their week in a non-threatening environment. Love it! *This week I learned that baseball equipment is expensive. *Seriously* *A pair of quality sliding … [Read more...]