How To Create A Portable First Aid Kit

"I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This content has been compensated as part of a social shopper amplification for Collective Bias and its client. All health related suggestions and opinions expressed in this post are all my own" #WellAtWalgreens #shop #CollectiveBias Spring is here, and for my family that means it's time for baseball. We are running at least 4 days a week between games and practices, so we are always on the go. With teenagers playing baseball, you know what is going to happen. Someone is going to slide and get a scrape. Or a fan will get stung by a bee. Occasionally you will have the parents … [Read more...]


Top 7 Posts This Week

Happy Saturday everyone! It is yet another snowy, cold day in my area of Pennsylvania. Since I let the house get messy this week, I need to spend the day cleaning house! Normally I participate in the #SITSSharefest Twitter party, but I need to take a pass this week. I have been concentrating so much on blog stats, page views, getting sponsored posts, that I forgot the fun of blogging. I decided to share my top 7 posts over the past seven days! Take a few moments and click on the links, you can learn a lot about me and my blog! Top 7 Posts For This Week What Is Cooking This Week: Menu Plan Monday Apparently, menu planning is a big deal … [Read more...]


What A Mom Needs To Do After The Baseball Season Is Over

It seems like the baseball season just starts.  You are busy driving your son/daughter to baseball/softball at least 3 days a week, if not more.  There are times it seems like you live in your car, and survive on snack stand food or drive-thru fare.  You come home at night exhausted and bitten up from all the bugs.  Sitting on the bench makes your behind permanently sore.  But after all the runs are scored, and the last piece of equipment is put away, what then?  What happens when the season is over? As a well-seasoned baseball Mom, I can certainly help you out with some great tips for post-season wrap up.  They are fast and easy, and will … [Read more...]

chase utley philadelphia aug 21

What I Learned This Week: Baseball Edition

Baseball, it's all about the baseball games. Youth baseball, professional baseball, you name and we love it! What I Learned This Week has always been a favorite blog meme. Reading some of Julie's entries has always brought a smile to my face. Each week I think that there isn't anything I could have possibly learned that is worth blogging about. Or sometimes it seems like I learn the same stuff over and over and over again. Sometimes I feel like I am doing nothing but complaining, and who wants to read that, right? But then I think, maybe someone out there understands or is going through the same thing. So, without further discussion, here is … [Read more...]

back to school baseball

Back To School 2013

It's that time of year again, Back To School.  There are some days that I don't want it to be here because it means the end of the summer.  On the other hand, all the bickering stops because they are away from each other for a while.  The boys went through a range of emotions this week: from denial that the summer was almost over, to curiosity about the school year, and finally to acceptance.  As per tradition, Mom was off from work today in order to make a good breakfast.  M&M pancakes were on the menu, and were enjoyed by all. This picture was from 2012. This picture was from the Phillies game yesterday.  The last game before … [Read more...]

crazy busy with the jellies

When Life Gets Crazy Busy

Crazy busy is the headline of our life right now. Even though it is the beginning of August, fall baseball has started. This week has been practices/scrimmages, all in preparation for Monday's first game. As you know from many of my other posts, I love being involved in my son's baseball team. It is wonderful to see the kids play, and have time to socialize with other adults. On the downside, the kitchen will be closed for the next couple weeks. Menu planning and cooking seem to take a backseat during the baseball season. I do plan on using my crockpot more, and am busy searching crockpot recipes that my husband and children would … [Read more...]

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Common Courtesy At Sporting Events

Common courtesy at sporting events is a topic that is close to my heart. One of my favorite things to do with my family is attend sporting events, whether it is professional or youth sports.  It is a great way to bond with your spouse, and with your kids.  And a great way to support your favorite team.  For the most part, we always have a great time, and look forward to the next time we can go. The trouble is, a lot of people forget common courtesy at sporting events.  Yes, we all like to have fun giving the opposing team's fans a "hard time".  It's part of the game, but there are some out there that take it to far, and give some teams … [Read more...]


The Winter Blues Aren’t A Myth

I can't believe that January is half over, and so far it hasn't been a bad winter. But I still have the winter blues.  The Christmas season was so busy, with no time to slow down.  And while our winter has not been bad, so far, I am so ready for it to be over.  Winter is just a bad time for me.  I don't like the dark, the cold, and especially the snow.  We have been lucky to this point that we have only had a little bit. I shouldn't be complaining, but I am literally begging for Spring.  Dreaming of open windows, birds singing, green grass, and longer nights. One of the first things I look forward to is time change.  Even if it's still … [Read more...]


#WW~End Of Season Pool Party

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Local Legend, Curt Simmons, Is Honored In Egypt, PA

Local park honors one of its own!             It was a terrific day surrounded by friends, family, and the community!  My family and I were very blessed to be part of this special day, and we thank Curt Simmons and The Philadelphia Phillies organization for their involvement.  To the organizers at Egypt Memorial Park, we thank you for your planning and vision!  We are so proud to be part of the Egypt Family!   Here are some links to the event: Blog Entry from Local Sportswriter   Local Newspaper Article   Park … [Read more...]

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