What I Learned This Week 9/16

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It is Tuesday, time for another installment of What I Learned This Week. I am sitting here staring at the calendar wondering how September is halfway over already. How did that happen? The kids have been back to school for almost 2 weeks. We are slowly starting to get back into a routine with getting up, having breakfast, and not fighting over the last Pop-Tart. Although, afternoons are a bit … [Read more...]

Bloggers Brags Weekly Pinterest Party #35

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Happy Monday everyone! It was a really busy, but nice holiday weekend for me. Weather was nice, food was great. I am sure that everyone has some fantastic ideas and recipes from your holiday weekend that you would love to brag about! And what better way to share it than by having them featured on a Pinterest Party! We know you are proud, and can't wait to share! So this linky is just for … [Read more...]

Top 10 Tuesday: Books On My Wishlist

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This week, I found a new link-up on The Broke and the Bookish. Since many of you know that I am a bookaholic, I found this this linky one I will certainly enjoy, although I am not sure if I will be able to list just ten! I decided that I wanted to go for a theme on my first post, so I think this will be my top 10 Tuesday Fiction list. General fiction, of course, because I am not sure I can stick … [Read more...]

Simple Woman’s Daybook: A Snowy Sunday

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Have you ever thought about being a simple woman or writing a daybook? The Simple Woman's daybook is one of my favorite blog memes to do. I always get lots of comments, visits, and encouragement when I write it. My daybook always combines little parts of my everyday life. Sometimes I feel like my life takes on such a hectic pace. Blogging about my week helps me to see what my week is like, and … [Read more...]

Christmas Style: Tag I Am It!

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Christmas is always a fun time for me, well most of the time. When I worked as a nurse, it was hard being away from the family during a holiday. I always knew it was part of the job, and that it would happen, but it still didn't make it any easier. Considering how much I love being with my family, not being able to spend a holiday with them was pure torture. I was comforted in the fact that I was … [Read more...]

Family Friday Link Up Party!


It's Friday! Time for the Family Friday link up party. I am so excited to be co-hosting this week. This weekend will be all about the family, so what better way to kick it off by having the Family Friday link up party. Thanks Carli and Missy for letting me join you this weekend! I can't wait to read all the posts everyone shares. Don't forget to visit and leave some comment love! Now, onto the … [Read more...]

What I Learned This Week: The Sick Edition

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It is Tuesday already, time for another edition of what I learned this week. Not sure that I learned anything this week because I have been too busy being sick with a sinus infection, Totally not fun at all.  So maybe I did learn some things. I learned that rest really is the best remedy for you when you are sick. I took the time this past weekend to just rest.  I was sad that I didn't get … [Read more...]