7 Books to Help Ease Holiday Stress

7 Books To Help With Holiday Stress

The holiday season is here! For many people this is their favorite time of year filled with love and laughter and jolly good times. On the flip side there is are just as many people who are overwhelmed and filled with holiday stress and concerns during this time of year. Today I wanted to share some books that I have found that have helped fill me with inspiration and helped ease my stress … [Read more...]

Top 5 Parenting Books

Top 5 Parenting Books #books #parenting #kids

I'm a parent of three kids, and regardless how much I would love to say that I've got my ducks in a row with them... I CAN'T. Parenting is HARD work. It’s grueling. It will stretch you in ways you never dreamed imaginable. You can find a LONG list of parenting books well worth reading the author’s grain of salt that tell how you to make it less painful. Today I wanted to focus down on the top five … [Read more...]

Dark Hope By Monica McGurk {Book Review}

Dark Hope_ Book One of the Archangel Prophecies - Book Cover

Book One of the Archangel Prophecies For years, Hope Carmichael, survivor of a shocking child abduction, has lived a sheltered existence under the protection of her fanatically religious father. Now, liberated by her mother, Hope prepares to start life over as a normal kid in an Atlanta, Georgia, high school. Normal, that is, until Hope meets Michael, a gorgeous emancipated teen with a … [Read more...]

Women Entrepreneur Revolution: Ready! Set! Launch!


Hello readers! Welcome to the next stop of Jenn Aubert's book tour! Making Our Life Matter is so happy to have you here, and equally happy to have Jenn add me to her book tour! I found Jenn through The Mother Of All Meltdowns book tour last year, and when they asked me if I would be willing to host another stop, I just couldn't say no! So grab a cup, and stay a bit. I can't wait to share … [Read more...]

Travels with Gannon and Wyatt: A Book Review

Travels with Gannon and Wyatt_ Egypt

I had the pleasure and the opportunity to review a book from the series Travels with Gannon and Wyatt. As you have read before, I enjoy doing book reviews of books from all genres and written for all ages. I was excited to be part of this opportunity because I could share this exciting opportunity with my children. It was fun to have my 12-year old read the book and share his opinion of the story. … [Read more...]

Mother Of All Meltdowns: Book Tour And Review

MOAM graphic

As you have read before on my blog, I truly enjoy reading.  Okay, enjoy is not the right word.  Hold on, let me re-write that. If you have been on my blog before, you may know that I am beyond obsessed with reading.  It makes sense, right?  I work in a bookstore, so I have to like reading.  Well, I have that part nailed. But wait, I am digressing.... Crystal from MommiFried approached me a … [Read more...]

Book Review: Grounded by Dave and Neta Jackson


As many of you know from reading my blog, reading is one of my passions.  I enjoy books from many different genres, and always love losing myself in a good book.  As I wrote in a previous post, I thoroughly enjoyed the Yada Yada Prayer Group series by Neta Jackson. The characters in this series are so real and easy to relate to, and I feel like I could be a part of their group.  Neta has also … [Read more...]