Weekly Menu Plan: Week 5

weekly Menu plan graphic

The weekly menu plan is definitely one thing that keeps my life on track and running as smoothly as possible. When we go grocery shopping, I have a well-written list that helps me not to forget what I need to make our dinners. I also have been trying to organize it by aisle. Well, that is the plan anyway. Some weeks I fail, some weeks I succeed. This week was a success, so I am pleased with … [Read more...]

The Eat-At-Home Weekly Menu Plan


Hi everyone! It's that time of the week again: menu planning! It has been really interesting the past few weeks because all menu plans have been fly by the seat, and it really showed in our pocketbook! Despite careful planning, we ate out more often than not. And that ended up being wasted money. Now that school is back in session, and I am back to my regular working hours, things should be a … [Read more...]

Weekly Plan For The Last Day In June


FOR TODAY June 30, 2014 Outside my window...It's sunny now, but it looks like we are gearing up for a summer thunderstorm. I am thinking...that I really don't want to go back to work! Just kidding. I just miss being with hubby(and he's only been back to work for 3 hours), and seeing him relax! I am thankful... I am thankful for our vacation. And my family. And the weather on our vacation, … [Read more...]

Music In The Parks 2014: Hershey Park Happy


This past weekend, we had the opportunity to head back to Hershey Park for the annual Music In The Parks 2014 band and chorus festival. This is a weekend long showcase where music students of all ages compete and have the opportunity to be judicated by trained musical professionals. Believe or not, the kids are more concerned about what the judges say about their performance than the actual … [Read more...]

Link Love Weekend 04.12.14


I have been so busy lately adjusting to my new job, that I have let my blogging slide a bit. It is a hard adjustment going back to full-time after having a set schedule while being part-time. I can't complain too much though, because I have finally in charge of the department that makes me happiest: Children's. It is so much fun interacting with the kids, helping recommend books to parents, and … [Read more...]

In Just 5 Days


In just 5 days, so many things can change. 5 days seems like such a short amount of time, that nothing major should happen in that amount of time. But it did. And it was for the better! In just 5 days.......I have kept the house clean and made the beds every day. My closest friends will know what an accomplishment that is. Guess I should be thanking FlyLady for that one! In just 5 … [Read more...]