A Journey To The Rainbow Bridge


If you have pets that share your home and family, than you may be familiar with the Rainbow Bridge. It is not an easy journey, it is not a happy journey. But it is part of your life when you have fuzzy and furry family members in your home. Yesterday we had to take that painful journey to the Rainbow Bridge with our beloved cat, Brittany. She was the biggest, sweetest, most lovable kitty out … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Table Settings For The Holiday

thanksgiving table settings

I love setting a beautiful colorful table for special events.  Thanksgiving is without a doubt my most favorite holiday.  Time spent with family and friends without the stress of gift purchasing, gift wrapping and all the hectic activity of the December holiday season. Here are some pictures of my dining room and kitchen dining tables that I've for the past few years.  I love Fiestaware and … [Read more...]

When Balance Eludes You

balance eludes you

Happy Monday. Normally I do my weekly schedule post on a Sunday, but I worked all day yesterday. Thankfully, Shaunta from Going Reno wrote a great guest post about the benefits of buying used books. She really helped me out with this great post, so make sure you check it out! When Balance Eludes You: FOR TODAY November 3, 2014 Outside my window...It is a beautiful and sunny day. However, … [Read more...]

Gifting Books To Christian Couples

great books for christian couples fi

Sometimes we just don't know what to get people for wedding or anniversary gifts. We want something cute and practical, and a lot of fun! But some of us older ladies love the joy of gifting a good book. Today I am guest posting on Crystal's Tidbits Of Experience, and I am talking about great books for Christian couples. Whether you are engaged, a newlywed, or celebrating your almost 20th … [Read more...]

What Real Moms Want For Birthday Presents


I have to laugh. Since I am now another year older and another year wiser, I look back and see how my choices in gifts has changed over the years. I remember when flowers and jewelry were at the top of the list. But now, things are so much different. So I thought I would share what real Moms want for birthday presents. One of the funniest things I have learned is how your tastes change as … [Read more...]

Another Year Wiser | Sit Down Sunday


Happy Sunday all! Today is the first day it truly feels like Fall, so much so I will need to wear a jacket. Yuck! Must be my old bones kicking in. Since I am celebrating my birthday today, I guess I can't complain. I feel truly blessed that I am alive and am another year wiser. FOR TODAY October 5, 2014 Outside my window...Overcast and cool. Today is a great day for jeans, sweatshirts, … [Read more...]

Thankful Thursday October 2nd

Thankful Thursday Feb 27

Happy Thursday! Fall is in full force today, and it would be a great day to stay home and cuddle under a blanket. I feel kind of bleh, and would like nothing more than to stay in bed. But I have a busy day today at work, and at home too! And don't forget, since it is Thursday, that means Thursday night football! So onward to my Thankful Thursday post for today. Okay, first off, I want … [Read more...]