5 Great Reasons To Get Up Early

Early morning walk

Let me preface this post with a statement: I LOVE staying cuddled up in bed in the morning. Especially the morning after I work 3-11 or on a winter morning. But, it is probably not the best thing. Why? I am missing out on a lot of things life to offer. So I am sharing 5 great reasons to get up ...

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Incorporating Healthy Pasta Into Your Meals


With winter upon us(and it doesn't seem like it wants to leave anytime soon), it is a great time for comfort meals. Pasta is a staple of our menu plans, but isn't always the healthiest option. I have read Jo-Lynne's many posts on eating healthier, and asked her if she would share some of her best ...

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Let’s Take A Trip To Mom It Forward


Hi blog readers! Today we are taking a trip to Mom It Forward. I am guest posting on their website, and talking about an important topic. Winter blues are something that everyone deals with, even if they don't talk about it. There is nothing to be ashamed of, and there is help out there for this ...

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