Twitter is The Same As Banging Your Head


Both are frustrating, painful, and serve no purpose.  Well at least that is what I believe right now.  I am trying really hard to increase my blog readership through social media, but it seems to be an exercise in futility. Perhaps I am just stupid, but I cannot, for the life of me, figure out how ...

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Friday Follow-Up


    It's hard to believe that the end of another week is rapidly approaching.  It seems like Sunday just starts, and before you know what happens, Friday is dawning.  This week has gone fast because I did a lot of full shifts at work, and all of them started before 8 am.  ...

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Dear Spammers


  One of my favorite, but most frustrating things is comments.  It's such a joy to see that someone is out there reading and enjoying what you are writing.  But SPAMMERS just make the whole process completely frustrating.  So instead of getting angry, I thought I'd poke a little fun. Okay, ...

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