Cell Phone Common Courtesy

Cell Phone Common Courtesy

You see cell phones wherever you go these days. Young, old, rich, poor, they are all over the place. They can be a real lifesaver at times, especially when there is an emergency. For instance, when you get stuck on the side of the road, you can call Triple-A.  If  you are running late for an appointment? Hey, give them a call. Cell phones can be used for a lot of things. You can check the … [Read more...]

Winter Is Not A Wonderland

winter-is-not-a-wonderland, snow, winter, bad weather

I think I may have mentioned several times that I hate winter. Winter is not a wonderland. In fact, I think it sucks. The latest storm has just solidified my belief that winter was created just to torture me. I supposed it could be worse, I could live in a place like Wisconsin, where it snows all the time. Friends of ours live in Madison and were just discussing the fact that they had to go out … [Read more...]

Dear Crazy Christmas Shoppers

Shopping for Gifts

'Tis the season to be jolly fa-la-la blah blah blah. I would ordinarily love this time of year. Nah, not really. Retail and commercialism has ruined the magic of the Christmas season. Instead of being a season of goodwill and cheer, it has turned into give-me-more and be totally nasty. Boy, did I swallow grumpy pills today. Guess it is because of the general nastiness being spread around. Julie … [Read more...]

The 80s Music I Love~Old But Not Forgotten

loving the 80s music

80s music has always been a part of my life.  Those songs were part of my heart and soul growing up.  During a time when everything was confusing, and the most tragic things in life was the fact that my parents would not buy me a pair of Jordache jeans in stonewash or I couldn't go roller skating until I cleaned my room.  Remember how much 80s music reflected every mood you had? Recently, while … [Read more...]

50 Questions


I found this at Outside My Kitchen Window, so I had to do it! Feel free to C & P, and fill out your own. Leave me a comment, and I'll come visit! 1. Where were you three hours ago? Trying to come up with a game plan for cleaning 2. Who are you in love with? My husband 3. Have you ever eaten a crayon? Not that I can recall, but I can’t be certain. 4. Is there anything pink within 10 … [Read more...]

How To Give A Cat A Pill


~How to Give a Cat a Pill~ 1. Grasp cat firmly in your arms. Cradle its head on your elbow, just as if you were giving a baby a bottle. Coo confidently, “That’s a nice kitty.” Drop pill into its mouth. 2. Retrieve cat from top of lamp and pill from under sofa. 3. Follow same procedure as in #1, but hold cat’s front paws down with left hand and back paws down with elbow of right arm. Poke … [Read more...]