Weekly Menu Plan October 6th


Happy Monday! It is a beautiful, crisp morning, and I actually wanted to get up out of bed for a change. Guess it was because I had such a nice birthday yesterday, and slept really well. The Eagles won, too, so that made for a nice day as well. I am starting a really busy time at work, mostly with school bookfairs and holiday preparation. I can't even believe I am writing that! It will be here … [Read more...]

Crockpot Comforts Weekly Menu Plan 9/15


Today is a great day to plan a crockpot comforts weekly menu plan. Fall is definitely doing it's best to make an appearance. I am totally okay with that, as it is a great reason to pull out the crockpots on more than just one day! This week I have planned almost my entire menu plan around my crockpot. I love the idea of having nice, warm meals waiting for us when we get home from work! Plus, I … [Read more...]

The Trouble With Menu Planning

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Good Monday morning! It's time to share my menu plan with you. But wait, it isn't really a menu plan this week. We are so busy with things outside the house, that there isn't any real reason to plan for this week.  That is the trouble with menu planning sometimes, it doesn't take into account those weeks when you are not home almost every night of the week. Don't get me wrong, I really love … [Read more...]

Menu Plan Monday 04.21.14

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Welcome to full-blown Spring activities. Add a Momma that has gone back to working FT, and that spells kitchen disaster. Well, more like menu planning madness. Maybe I should just say that it is no plan at all! So menu planning must go on. Here is my Menu Plan Monday meal plan. {Image Credit, Text added by Making Our Life Matter}   Monday:  I work evenings. So the husband and kids … [Read more...]

Menu Plan Monday 03.24.14


It's another new week, so that means another new menu plan. It is a hard week to plan for because we are having company this week, and Saturday is youngest's birthday party. Belated, thanks to all the snow. GRRR! So not only do I have to plan for us, but for the busy nights we will be out running. Oh well, the planning must go on. Monday: Tonight's meal is crockpot creamed chicken. My … [Read more...]

What’s For Dinner This Week 03.17.14


It's another new week, so that means another new menu plan. It was a hard week to plan for because we are just sick of the same old things. I guess that happens when you have a family that doesn't like to try new things. Or only likes a few things. And it's not just the kids, my husband is the same way. Oh well, the planning must go on. So this week I went for a few of our favorites. The … [Read more...]

Menu Plan Monday 03.10.14

My menu plan for this week. Fast and easy is on the menu

It is the start of a new week. Of course, a new week means a whole new set of busy days. Now that time change is here, it is light longer at night. For some reason, I find it much easier to cook. Even though hubby still comes home later, there is something so satisfying about eating supper while the sun is still up. Today is Nana's birthday, so supper will be quick, as we are going to visit … [Read more...]