Ironing Doesn’t Have To Be Such A Chore

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One of my least enjoyable household tasks involves ironing.  As I have mentioned in other posts, I'd rather be spending my time blogging then doing household chores. It is a time-consuming and often sweaty endeavor.  You run the risk of burning yourself if you try to iron while watching TV or you may trip yourself up on the cord during the process.  Not to mention the sore shoulder you end up … [Read more...]

Need A Fresh Set Of Eyes


With Spring here, and baseball season starting, I have less time to spend on maintaining my home.  So I am turning back to FlyLady and her principles of home management.  I am working on improving my morning routine, and would love some input from other Flybabies. This schedule will work for most days,  even when I need to be at work for 7:45am.  I live about 4 minutes from where I work, so … [Read more...]

To Tackle On Tuesday

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Okay, I have been spending a lot of time blogging, and not enough taking care of things around the house.  So in order to keep myself accountable today, I have decided to make a list of the things I have to tackle.  I think I may have mentioned in a previous post that I tend to spend more time blogging, and not enough homemaking. So, instead of blogging, tweeting, and following, I will be doing … [Read more...]

My Have To Get Dones


A while back I wrote a blog post, I'd Rather Be Blogging Than , because there are so many things I would love to avoid doing, and blogging is a great way to put off those tasks.  However, it doesn't make for a very neat or organized home.  It can make a hubby grumpy, kids grumble, and Momma grouch.  And that definitely doesn't make home a happy place to be.  I don't want that for my family, or my … [Read more...]

Daily Distractions While Working Around The House


Running a household is a full-time job.  It seems to go on and on, without an end in sight.  Unfortunately, modern-day living comes with many distractions.  TV, internet, shopping, it all distracts us from the important job of managing our homes. Too often normal pursuits lead us in many directions, and we wind up not doing anything.  I am finding this is true for my life.  Some days are better … [Read more...]

I’d Rather Be Blogging Than…….

Happy Friday to all those out in cyberworld.  In my end of the world, the weather can’t seem to make up it’s mind as to cloudy or sunny.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I vote for sunny!  It certainly makes life more pleasant, and definitely more motivating.  At the same time, the nice weather makes me feel guilty because I would rather be blogging than going outside.  As I was sitting … [Read more...]

Hanging Up Laundry Is Not For The Vertically Challenged


I am the first to admit that I love the smell of freshly hung out clothing, especially sheets.  There is just something so comforting about the smell of sun-dried sheets when you go to bed at night.  My husband loves to have his work clothes, and, for that matter, his everyday clothes too, hung up so that they don’t shrink and last longer.  We even have lines strung in our basement so that we can … [Read more...]