Celebrating A Special Occasion With Hallmark’s Funniest Pet Cards

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#FunnyPetCards, #shop, #CollectiveBias, Hallmark, Walmart, special occasions

Do you love sending cards to family and friends? Do you spend hours browsing cards to find the perfect one? I know I do. There are plenty of times I spend hours trying to find the right card for one person or one occasion. I don’t always like to have a totally serious card and funny cards can convey a message of love, too. So when I was able to combine my love of animals with a greeting card, I was ecstatic. So here is what I found when I went shopping for cards for my family and my best friend.

#FunnyPetCards, #shop, #Collective Bias, Hallmark cards, Walmart, special occasions

I picked out this card specifically for my best friend. She and her family live 5 hours away and I got a little emotional when I saw it because I felt like the card was made just for me. I think that I look a lot like that dog when we drive out to visit them. Tongue hanging out and all because I am eager and excited to be on the journey, and each mile brings us closer together. It is so hard to be so far apart, and it warms my heart to know that this card will show her how much I love and miss her. My dog does too. Leia absolutely adores her children, and is so good with them.

#FunnyPetCards, #shop, #Collective Bias, Hallmark cards, Walmart, special occasions

The card above is being given to my Father-in-law. His birthday is only a few days apart from my son and this card is perfect for him. Leia adores him, well more like worships him. It is so sweet that she runs to him and “talks” to him. He always jokes that he is her own personal “Dog Whisperer”. It’s true, he can always get her to calm down and relax. My FIL does so much for me and my family, so finding the perfect card for him was an absolute must. He has a great sense of humor, so this card is definitely for him. It shows how all our family members love him.

#FunnyPetCards, #shop, #Collective Bias, Hallmark cards, Walmart, special occasions

Isn’t she cute with the card? She certainly loves her “Pop”.

Check out this card. Who can resist it? I know that my son won’t be able to.

#FunnyPetCards, #shop, #Collective Bias, Hallmark cards, Walmart, special occasions

My youngest will be 13 in March, so finding the right card for him was a difficult thing. After all, he will now be a teenager, and parents aren’t supposed to get all silly and sentimental. The solution? A funniest pet card, of course! He is my animal lover. Little man loves watching anything with animals, goes absolutely nuts over pictures of animals, and spends plenty of time loving our dog and cat. Some might call it pesting, but he assures me that it is nothing but love. And since he(my son) is so adorable, who am I to argue? So when I had the chance to find him a birthday card that had a dog on it, I was excited. And happy. And mushy. That is what I love about Hallmark cards. You can express all those feelings into a single card. I tried to get the cat to pose with with the dog, but she was just not having it. Since she rules the house, I had no choice but to abide by her wishes. What makes this card even more appropriate and special is that my son is really big on science. He is a member of our school’s Science Olympiad team, so the dog with the lab coat is perfect for him.

Finding the Funniest Pet Cards at Walmart was simple and easy. All I had to do was head to the card aisle, and look around. The hardest part was deciding which cards to get. I spent a lot of time browsing for the perfect card, and found myself reading the back of all the cards to find out the inspiration and story behind each one.

#FunnyPetCards, #shop, #Collective Bias, Hallmark cards, Walmart, special occasions

I was excited that I was able to use my Hallmark Rewards Card when I purchased my cards. It is a great way to shop for cards, because for every 5 cards you buy, you get a reward. The reward card can be used anywhere that Hallmark cards are sold. Since I have lots of special occasions coming up, being able to do my card shopping in one spot while earning my rewards saves me time, too.

Choosing the right card can be difficult sometimes. There are so many options to choose from, and so many sentiments to share. Why not have some fun with it, and include your furry four-legged friends in the process. After all, they are an important part of your family. Each card is unique to the individual, and each one tells a story. But most importantly, it tells the recipient how much they are loved and appreciated.

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So what special occasions do you have coming up? Who will get a #FunnyPetCard to celebrate their special occasion?

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  1. Joan Cook says

    I love the cards! I am a pet lover with 2 goldens of my own. Definitely worth the trip to Walmart to get these for every occasion on my list! #client

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