Dear Spammers

One of my favorite, but most frustrating things is comments.  It’s such a joy to see that someone is out there reading and enjoying what you are writing.  But SPAMMERS just make the whole process completely frustrating.  So instead of getting angry, I thought I’d poke a little fun.

Okay, it’s Tuesday, and I came on here to write a regular blog post, but the spam comments were too good not to share.  So enjoy.


Spam Comment 1: “I apologise, but, in my opinion, you are not right. I can defend the position. Write to me in PM, we will communicate”.

Spammer: myself?  Pretty clever, but that’s not my email address.

My Response: I know that I am not right, I am never right.  But let me guess, you are a meteorologist, and you came here to tell me that I can’t predict the weather.  If I am wrong, why are you apologizing for it?

Spam Comment 2: “Hey man, you have a sick site but could definitly use some SEO help to rank your blog higher. There is this pretty cool plug in that will fix all your SEO very easily at *random crazy link that the spammer leaves*

Spammer: Ashli Conary

My Response: I didn’t realize that my blog had a fever and post nasal drip. I will be sure to get it right to the doctor, as soon as I am finished making sure that everyone knows what a stupid spam comment this is.

Spam Comment 3: “Found this post typing in ‘domains’ on Google. I was looking for some ideas for a post, and I basically wrote a short “summary” of your post. Don’t worry – I gave you credit with a link :)

Spammer: Body Building

My Response: That’s very sweet of you to give me credit for writing my own thoughts in a blog post. You amaze me with your Google skills, and that my little old blog would pop up under the search term “domains”.  I must be a better blogger than I thought :) :) .

Each day I look forward to combing through the spam comments to see just how ridiculous they can be.

So, tell me, What Do You Do To Prevent Spammers?

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  1. Jewelsy says

    It seems like the comments that I recieve that are spam, usually just come to me in my email notifications that there is a comment. Then when I go to my blog to view it, it is gone. They are usually people telling me that they can get traffic to my site. I think I have deleted a couple of comments that I didn’t particularly like. But, I wouldn’t really want my readers to see me arguing with a spammer. But, this is good that you have brought it up. My blogs are new and don’t get a lot of traffic yet, but in the future I will probably get more spammers.

    • Making Our Life Matter says

      I don’t actually respond to them personally. Those are just the thoughts in my head!! Sorry for the confusion!

      • Jewelsy says

        No, that’s ok, I wasn’t really directing that at you anyways. But, about the person who used your post and writing, isn’t that illegal?

  2. Jewelsy says

    Oh, one more thing. Isn’t it illegal for someone to repost your post and make it theirs, even if they do give you credit? That sounds like plagurism to me.

  3. says

    I let Blogger take care of it for me. It is when I allowed anonymous comments that I was bombarded! Now somehow or other they got a hold of my primary email address and I am on overload with spam. I will NEVER buy or promote any of the companies that employ spammers. You handled it well, though I know you have a lot of trouble with these guys in the past too.

  4. Sandy Keith says

    The easiest way for me to deal with spam is to report and then block the sender. So far that’s worked for me.

  5. says

    You can’t actually stop people spamming you, but sometimes you can refuse to publish comments, if your site is set up this way. One of my Blogger blogs (set up two years ago) will let me block or report comments, the other (set up a year ago) just publishes them, and I have to take them off myself.

    I had a comment advertising a firm of plumbers in London on my cat blog once. Given that nearly all my readers are (a) interested in cats and (b) outside the UK, I doubt they would have got any business out of it.

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