Where Did The Fall Weather Go?

fall weather graphicToday is supposed to be a Fall day. The sun is shining today here in my corner of the world.  It is October, but we are currently in the middle of an Indian summer.  I thought the 80 degree weather was a thing of the past. Some of my friends love it, but for me, I am totally ready for the fall weather.  I love summer, but I really don’t miss some of the things about it. I may have mentioned a few times that I love the crisp, cool nights that are great for cuddling. I love the changes in the leaves, and being able to drink pumpkin spice lattes and warm apple cider.

The only thing I don’t like about Fall is my birthday.  Yes, today is my birthday, and I am now officially over the hill + 1.  Not quite sure how that happened.  It is a nice day so far, from the fun at a baseball tournament to the hugs and kisses and cards from my family.  I just wish the Fall weather would be here, so I can sit outside and enjoy our new deck. But enough about that.

Back to my original thoughts before I got sidetracked.  I love Fall and Fall weather because it is a great time to wind down.  How?  Here are a few reasons why:

  • Baseball season is over.  No more running 4-5 nights a week.
  • Football season is here.  My family and I are diehard Eagles fans, and we watch them every time they are on.  Even when they totally stink, we still are right there cheering on our team. And football just screams Fall weather.
  • Fall recipes. Need I say more?
  • Fall colors.  I love decorating for Fall, although I haven’t quite gotten there yet.  There is just something about the golds, greens, oranges, and yellow that are so comforting.
  • Last, but not least, are Fall drinks.  As I mentioned above, pumpkin spice lattes are my favorite.  Although, the calories in them are not.

Everyone has their favorite season that they enjoy.  I love Fall, despite the fact that Winter isn’t usually too far behind.  I am definitely not ready for snow. So what are your favorite things about Fall?  Or not so favorite things?

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  1. says

    I love fall, too! My favorite things about fall are the cooler weather (except for this past week when we are sweating out these 80 degree days) and the beautiful fall colors.

    Fall also seems cozy to me. We turn on the little white lights that decorate our living room. We make cocoa at night and pull on a flannel shirt to chase away the chill. Ah, fall. I love it!
    Elaine recently posted..Buy Locally Grown FoodMy Profile

  2. says

    Jenn, Happy Birthday! (belated) I think the hill moved so you are probably not over it yet :) You share the birthday of my grandmother who I miss a lot.
    I love indian summer, so nice out and the trees are full of color – what could be better? I love decorating for Halloween and haven’t started yet. It’s a fun time of year except for getting dark earlier.
    Lisa recently posted..Why Are So Many Blogging Today?My Profile

  3. says

    Oh geez, fall found us. It was in the mid-30s for lows this weekend. I can’t believe it’s 80s anywhere still! I just saw that parts of the US got 4 feet of snow. In October! Weird weather going on. I love the fall as well. The trees are changing color, I can put up my gardening tools for awhile and I’m not sweating all the time. yay!
    Stephanie @ From the Burbs to the Boonies recently posted..Garlic Parmesan pull-apart breadMy Profile

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