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It’s hard to believe that the end of another week is rapidly approaching.  It seems like Sunday just starts, and before you know what happens, Friday is dawning.  This week has gone fast because I did a lot of full shifts at work, and all of them started before 8 am.  Thankfully, I work less than 6 minutes from where I live, and I can push the time I need to get up to the last possible second.  And with it still being winter and dark, it is even harder to get out of bed in the morning.  But, alas, being the grown up that I am, I do what needs to be done.


This week has also gone very fast because I have spent most of my time setting up this blog.  I wasn’t sure if I was going to move to WordPress because I did not know if I wanted all the hassle of starting a new blog on a different platform, and justifying the cost.  I mean, I am only blogging for pleasure,  and my plan isn’t to make money off my blog.  Being a work-outside-the-home Mom, I don’t have the hours during the day to devote to trying to monetize my blog.  And then there is the whole I don’t know anything about coding, template designing, or SEO’s.  After messing around with Blogger, and then a free WordPress site, I decided to just go for it.  So here I am, feeling a bit overwhelmed, but willing to learn.


So now that I am here, what next?  It took me two days to finally decide on a template, and even now I am not too sure.  I love the clean, simple look of this theme, along with the many options available for sidebars and footers.  Jo-Lynne, of Musings Of A Housewife, was kind enough to stop in a give me a few suggestions about the layout.  I figured out, after a few tweaks and more than a few grumbles, how to change the layout from a sort of funky magazine look to this simple layout I have now.  And considering her level of expertise, I feel extremely grateful for her input.


Now that the layout is mostly what I want, I want to turn my attention to the plug-ins.  But there are so many of them, I am not sure which ones are the most important.  And, truth be told, I am not even sure what most of them mean.  So this is where my readers come in.  I need your input and advice on the many options that are available to use on WordPress.



  • What are the most important ones to have, aside from Akismet?  Why?
  • Which ones are not necessary?
  • Do I really need a SEO plug-in?  And which one do I use?


Do you see why I am so confused and overwhelmed?  So please take a few moments to comment, make recommendations, and share your knowledge.

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  1. Bunny says

    Hi – I feel your pain – I have a blog that I don’t know what to do with also – especially what to blog about (my life is so boring). Your blog looks good so far, except on my computer, the left and right edges of your banner are cut off, so it reads “ng Our Life Matter” and “embracing wha – and letting go of t”. I don’t know if it’s just my computer or what. Good luck with the blog – I’ll check back & see how you’re doing. Maybe you’ll inspire me to work on mine.

  2. Chelle says

    I admire you for taking the plunge. I am mulling changing to WP as well but have a big hesitation on trying to get it set up.

    I know with the way I like to choose templates and layouts, it will take me days to get anything done.
    I am curious about the plugins though. I will admit, when I see all the cool plugins, I get “plugin envy.”
    I’m impressed with what you’ve done!

  3. says

    Hi! I have to admit, I blog, but I don’t have a clue about all those intricate things and plug-ins… (I probably should, LOL!) I am also a work-outside-the-home-mom…

    I’m here for the first time from the Blog Hop. I’m looking forward to reading more!

    Have a great weekend!
    Sarah recently posted..High Five Blog Hopping Friday!My Profile

  4. says

    I am having THE hardest time finding comment boxes lately! I don’t know what the issue is, but they all seem to be so different!

    I wish I could be of help, but I’m at the same point as you and am still floundering around trying to figure out what on earth to do, too.

    Your blog looks very clean and neat, though, so you have that going for you! I’m still just using a basic blogger template!

    You have a nice style of writing that feels like we’re chatting over coffee! Very nice:)
    Byn recently posted..Puppet Making Series: 4/5 Creating Poseable Hands!My Profile

  5. says

    I am considering starting a new (different) blog with wordpress simply because I am totally rethinking everything thanks to this blog challenge!


    Great to meet you here… and I am betting word press is going to bounce my comment. This is the one thing that keeps me from hopping over! Unless there is a “comment with twitter” my comments always get filtered into the YOU KNOW WHERE files….

    Looking forward to knowing you more!
    Julie Jordan Scott recently posted..Finding SoulFriends: Simple Ideas for Meaningful Friend MatchmakingMy Profile

  6. says

    Stopping by as a SITStah and am impressed with what you did ~ and you work outside the house … good going! I am a bit technically challenged so I don’t have any replies to your questions. I know you’ll receive some great suggestions. Hope you have a fun weekend ~ Patricia

  7. Melisa Curtis says

    Great to connect from Blog Frog! I was going to recommend the Comment Luv plugin, which it appears you already have. You may also look up Ana Hoffman, Traffic Generation Cafe, she has helped us ALOT with setting up our blogs!

    Blog looks great!

  8. says

    I know what you mean about plug-ins, widgets, hoozamies, whatsits etc. I have NO clue about any of that. I’m inspired by your simple, clean layout. I like my template but it’s a bit busy.

  9. says

    Hi! I found your blog on The Blog Frog, and thought I would stop by to say hello! I am unfamiliar with how your blog was before, but it definitely looks great now. As for plugins – it looks like you already have any that I would suggest, and Akismet is really the main one anyone needs. I would say that all of the others are very subjective… so it depends on the intent of your blog, and what makes you happy :) . Again, awesome looking blog. I’ll be sure to subscribe to I can get to know you better!
    Tia recently posted..Digitally Increasing Your IntellectMy Profile

  10. says

    Hi, I just switched to WordPress as well, so I’m still having a look at the different plugins. There are two that I installed that I like so far. One is called Comment Reply Notification. I couldn’t figure out if WP had this built in or not, but I like people knowing if someone replies to their comment. And the other was a Subscribe/Connect/Follow Widget. Gives you pretty icons and you can set up more follow ways than WP normally offers. And from what I’ve heard Google Friend Connect is going away in a few months, so I’d start to get your subscribers to follow in another way.
    Love you site!
    Andrea @ The Penny-Roach’s recently posted..Good News FridayMy Profile

  11. says

    I feel your pain. I lucked out, when my site crashed and I decided to switch to WordPress I had only been blogging a few weeks. It took some getting used to, but I love WordPress now.
    I don’t use Askimet – probably should…but I’m cheap. LOL. I do use a SEO plugin (I think it’s the all in one SEO…)
    OneMOmmy recently posted..Making a Felt BoardMy Profile

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