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*BUMPING up this post in anticipation of Hurricane Sandy 2012


Good Morning!  I am so happy to bring you this guest post today.  Summer is always a busy time, but one should always be prepared.  Weather emergencies are a serious thing.  Cinella is here to help you be prepared. Please enjoy this wonderful post!


Summer is here! My girls (3 & 7) have been home from school for about two weeks now and it has been pretty great so far. I thought I’d be losing my mind by now. I’m also going on 30 weeks with my pregnancy so I’m not my normal self. On top of keeping my girls busy and staying sane, I wanted to tell ya’ll about something else we do during summer….

I also wanted to point out that in Texas we are always getting ready for sever weather…. Hurricanes! Dollar General has an awesome “Severe Weather Survival List” and it’s an awesome list…. I keep it in my coupon binder and have checked off items that I have stocked up for Hurricane Season! Wal-Mart also had some booklets that had lots of information along with products that can help you prepare.

Here are some of my favorites on the list because we always NEED/forget them…..

  1. Extra baby wipes! (when the water gets shut down)
  2. Corded phone with a long phone wire
  3. Wooden (eco-friendly) cutlery (or plastic)
  4. Finger Splint
  5. Trash bags that smell good!
  6. Deodorant

Luckily this year the only thing we need to stock up on is trash bags and baby wipes. Using coupons year round has helped us save money so that we don’t have to spend it later when the prices are higher. Be sure to have these Important Numbers hand as well.

Important numbers:

FEMA: 1-800-621-FEMA

American Red Cross: 1-866-GET-INFO

National Weather Service: 1-850-942-8833

Poison Control: 1-800-222-1222

Some things that my girls can help me with is to get the “Emergency Kit” together. They get to pick out the band-aids they like and help me gather everything else we need, like rubbing alcohol, gauze and flashlights into one big box. Something else that is important is to talk about our Emergency Plan; what to do when a storm is coming. My 7-year-old understands this better than my 3 year-old, but we have a big poster with phone numbers, who to call and what to say. She knows she’s suppose to get her suitcase and some snacks for her and her sister.

I thought I would share this with ya’ll because it’s something that we do every year and you never know what mother nature is going to throw our way. We don’t have earthquakes or tornadoes, but we do have Hurricanes.

Is there anything that you and your family prepare for? 
If not, do you think you will start and get the whole family involved?


Thanks for stopping by “Making Our Life Matter.” Thanks for having me as a guest blogger and I invite ya’ll to check out my blog, The Mami Blog. It’s a blog for moms, all about being a mommy, saving money and learning how to be eco-friendly as well. I started blogging about 3 years ago to keep an online journal of being a mommy and then started to share my stories with other moms who started reading my blog.

I’m 27, married with 2 girls and one on the way! I have a Facebook page where I interact with my readers almost every day as well as a YouTube channel where you can get a sneak peak into my everyday life and my couponing as well. Hope to hear if my post has helped your family prepare!

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