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Today is the first day in a series of guest blog post designed to discuss summer and all the things related to it. Elaine is here to tell you about packing for a trip or vacation.  I always get stressed out before we leave for vacation because I am so afraid I will forget something.  So I think that Elaine’s post is a great way to start my summer series.

I’m a list maker, and that list-making tendency goes into overdrive when I’m getting ready to take a trip. One of the most important items on my travel list now is my toiletries case. I can go almost anywhere with a change of clothes and this not-so-pretty, but highly functional toiletries case that you see here.

Here’s my best advice concerning choosing and using your own toiletries case for your travel needs:

1. Find a firm case that can stand up on its own.
The case I use was an add-on piece with a small set of luggage that I bought at a discount store years ago. I like it because it has firm sides and a flat bottom allowing it to stand on any flat surface. I also like the elastic bands in this bag that will hold small travel size bottles of liquids in an upright position.
If you are going to purchase a toiletries case, stay away from a fabric bag like a cosmetic bag. It is difficult to organize things in a soft-sided fabric bag, and therefore it is difficult to find things in them.
2. Keep your toiletries case fully stocked at all times.
I never unpack my toiletries case. It is always stocked with necessary (and some unnecessary) items, and I can just grab it and go. When you come home from a trip, check your toiletries case to see if anything needs to be replenished or replaced. My case includes the usual normal toiletries like shampoo, soap, deodorant, toothpaste and a toothbrush, nail clippers, band-aids, and the like. I have duplicates of these items at home.
3. Think outside the case when packing for your trip(s).
In addition to those standard toiletry items, I keep a few unusual items in my toiletries case that make traveling safer and easier. I suggest you make room in your toiletries case for a few clothespins or spring clips. These will close a gaping curtain or a bag of potato chips.
A small plug-in nightlight is a necessity for my toiletries case. Plug it in the hotel bathroom so you don’t have to turn on that garish fluorescent light at night.
Allergy pills are a must for every travel bag! Just this month, my sisters and I were away on a camping trip in a remote area when my one sister had a reaction to an ingredient in the cheese popcorn. An allergy pill from my trusty toiletries case saved her from a night of miserable itchiness or worse. In the case of a bee sting, an allergy pill can actually save a life.

Another item that you may want to tuck into your toiletries case is a set of ear plugs. Snoring, crying babies, TVs, loud music, and other noises can often be blocked out with a set of ear plugs.



No matter where you’re going this summer, you need to be prepared. A toiletries case is a must have for any traveler. Don’t leave home without it!



Elaine is guest posting on my blog today. She is a follower of Christ, a wife, a homemaker, a seamstress, a teacher, and a grandma. My retired husband and I enjoy a simple, frugal lifestyle that we share with two dogs. I love learning from others and enjoy sharing my life lessons with my blog readers. For more great posts, take a moment and visit Elaine at

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