I’d Rather Be Blogging Than…….

Happy Friday to all those out in cyberworld.  In my end of the world, the weather can’t seem to make up it’s mind as to cloudy or sunny.  I don’t know about the rest of you, but I vote for sunny!  It certainly makes life more pleasant, and definitely more motivating.  At the same time, the nice weather makes me feel guilty because I would rather be blogging than going outside.  As I was sitting here today, thinking of what to blog about, I started thinking about all the things that take time away from blogging, commenting, following, and tweeting.

1. Loading up and running the dishwasher.  Wouldn’t it just be easier to use paper plates?  I mean, when you stop and think about all the time that is wasted when you use dishes, rinse them off, load them up, turn on the dishwasher, well that could be a whole blog post, right?  Okay, so they look a little messy just sitting there.  No one is home.
Okay, so it only took about a minute to load them all up.  That’s still a few tweets I could be reading, right?









Well, I guess it’s a really nice sight to see it closed and the light on, and the dishes being cleaned.  At least I have a dishwasher, and don’t need to waste more time by hand washing and drying.




2. Washing DH’s work clothes.  Wearing clothing is over-rated, in my opinion.  They just get sweaty, and dirty, and stained.  It would be much easier to skip the laundry, and read Google reader for a bit.  The pile doesn’t look that bad, right? It really isn’t that messy.

I mean, who would even notice if hubby came to work in his birthday suit, right??  Well, maybe some of the woman would.  And since his birthday suit is for my viewing eyes only, I might get a little bit jealous.  Probably not a good thing.  Well, if I must……..


One load of work clothes in the washer, being cleaned because I love my sweetie more than Google Friend Connect.

3. Putting Away Folded Laundry.  Let’s face it, all you are going to do is make more work for yourself.  By leaving it in the basket, you are just saving yourself time and energy.  You have more time to check out your stats if you just leave them in the basket, after all, they are not going to get up and walk away.

Okay, never mind the nights you have fallen over the basket in the dark while trying to use the bathroom.  Just think, you could have fallen, and broken your wrist, and not been able to blog.  Wait a minute, that is definitely not an option.  So, without further delay, away go the clothes.











Always remember, safety comes first!  Another thing checked off my list.


At last, but certainly never, ever least.  I have to say, that I think that this is my least favorite thing in the world to do, except maybe cleaning the toilet in my boys’ bathroom.

4. Making The Bed.  Let’s face it readers, this is the silliest household task ever.  After all, you are just going to sleep in it later that night anyway, right?  So why even take all that time to arrange the covers neatly, if you are just going to mess it up.  Time wasted from commenting on your favorite blogs, or making too friends, or finding someone who does the same dumb stuff that you do.

Uh oh, what happens if you need to have something repaired in the bathroom?  Or the cable person comes to fix your cable box?  Or maybe the neighbor comes to borrow something because she needs to bake, and she happens to come upstairs to check out your new sheets?(Okay, these are ridiculous examples, but you know what I mean)












Well, common sense won again.  Actually, it does look a whole lot neater with the bed made up, doesn’t it?  And, it only took about 90 seconds to do.  I didn’t waste that much time doing it.  Oh no, I did not just say that.

So I had a blast telling you all about the household tasks that detract from blogging time.  In all actuality, this post was meant to be a comical way to remind myself that there are a few more important things in life that my blog.  It just amazes me that these little things take so little time and effort, yet they make a big difference in the atmosphere of my home.  Family comes first to me, blogging is just a bonus.

So blog readers, tell me: What things take time away from your blogging and social networking?  And are they really that bad?

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  1. says

    Love this post! :) I totally agree with you on this ” I don’t know about the rest of you, but I vote for sunny! It certainly makes life more pleasant, and definitely more motivating”. Today it’s cold, windy and gloomy. Makes me just want to sit and blog.. and read blogs..and comment… 😉

    My mom raised me with, get all the stuff you need done, done. Then play. I try to model that. Although with little kids its a little harder to get the cleaning done. 😉

  2. says

    I agree with you! I only make the bed on the day that I wash sheets… I have to say though- before you made your bed was still neater than mine! My least favorite thing that takes away from blogging is stuff I do for Diva (our cat- yuck!)
    Cari recently posted..FABulous AgainMy Profile

  3. says

    I loved this post too! I feel the same way, and I do think laundry in the basket and unmade beds should really be the way of the world, but it is nice to look at a made bed and to go into your drawers and find what you need. I just wish I had a fairy Godmother to do it so I could spend more time blogging too!! Lol!! Thanks for a fun read!!
    Kathy Radigan recently posted..My dishwasher’s possessed!: It’s A Swap!My Profile

  4. says

    I’m with you – I don’t usually want to do these things, but I always feel better when I do. Whenever the house starts to get overly messy, I start to get anxious and as soon as I get it straightened up, I feel better. And then I feel more relaxed when I sit back down at the computer to blog. Everybody wins!


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