Thanksgiving Table Settings For The Holiday

thanksgiving table settings

I love setting a beautiful colorful table for special events.  Thanksgiving is without a doubt my most favorite holiday.  Time spent with family and friends without the stress of gift purchasing, gift wrapping and all the hectic activity of the December holiday season. Here are some pictures of my dining room and kitchen dining tables that I've for the past few years.  I love Fiestaware and ... read more

Top 5 Parenting Books

Top 5 Parenting Books #books #parenting #kids

I'm a parent of three kids, and regardless how much I would love to say that I've got my ducks in a row with them... I CAN'T. Parenting is HARD work. It’s grueling. It will stretch you in ways you never dreamed imaginable. You can find a LONG list of parenting books well worth reading the author’s grain of salt that tell how you to make it less painful. Today I wanted to focus down on the top five ... read more

When Balance Eludes You

balance eludes you

Happy Monday. Normally I do my weekly schedule post on a Sunday, but I worked all day yesterday. Thankfully, Shaunta from Going Reno wrote a great guest post about the benefits of buying used books. She really helped me out with this great post, so make sure you check it out! When Balance Eludes You: FOR TODAY November 3, 2014 Outside my window...It is a beautiful and sunny day. However, ... read more

Three Reasons Why I’m Okay With Used Books

used books

Hi everyone! I am so excited to have Shaunta guest posting on my site today. And it is not just because she is an author, either. Although, that makes me feel pretty good! I love her topic for today, so I hope that you enjoy it as well! As an author, I obviously hope that some people buy my books brand spanking new from a bookstore. Amazon, Barnes & Noble, your local indie—all of those ... read more

5 Reasons Why I Love Halloween

love Halloween

Happy Halloween! It is a cold and chilly day here in PA. In fact, there was frost out on the pumpkins. The downside to that is I will have to go out and scrape my car before work. Really not ready for that nonsense. But the sun is out, and the chance for precipitation is very low! That is why I love Halloween, it really celebrates Fall. Plus, it is not snowing this year! There is one ... read more

Everything Fall

everything fall

I can't believe that the end of October is here. It is definitely getting colder and darker, which certainly does not make me happy. I love my sunshine and long evenings. This is the first time on my blog that I did a themed month with my posts. I wrote about everything Fall and Halloween, which was a lot of fun. I have so many posts that I enjoyed writing that sometimes I don't know which ... read more

Favorite Halloween Candy #TrueBlogging

favorite Halloween candy

When someone asks me what my favorite part of Halloween is, I really don't have a problem answering that. Well, for one thing, it is definitely not the Halloween costumes. And the Fall decorations are nice, too. But for me, it is definitely all about the candy. I thought I would share my favorite Halloween candy with you. But, before I even type my first favorite, I wanted to make something ... read more