Holiday Book Suggestions For The History Buff

history buff

One of the most popular book inquiries during the holiday season is this: what can I get my favorite history buff? I admit, I am not a huge reader of history books, so I rely on my co-workers to help me out. A few of my customers are all huge history experts, so they have been a big help on making up this list of book recommendations. I hope that you can find the perfect book for the history buff ... read more

Holiday Book Suggestions: Holiday Picture Books

holiday picture books

Holiday picture books are some of my favorites to read and recommend to my customers. I admit, I am still a kid at heart when it comes to reading children's books. And the holidays are no exception. In this edition of holiday book suggestions, I am sharing some of my favorites with you. I am sure you will be able to find some that you absolutely love. The Mitten 20th Anniversary ... read more

Avoiding Working Mom Burnout During The Holidays

working mom burnout

Once again, the holiday season is upon us. Between cooking and cleaning and shopping, our time is even more stretched than normal. This is especially true for working Moms, because we have that extra hat upon our head. So, I thought I would share my best tips to avoid working Mom burnout during the holiday season. Several years ago, I wrote a post about avoiding the guilt of being a working ... read more

Holiday Book Suggestions For The Sports Fanatic

sports fanatic

The Christmas shopping season is upon us, and one of my favorite things to do is recommend books. I know that I am not the only person out there that enjoys giving books as gifts. I am putting together a series of posts that will help you to find that perfect present. Today, I will be talking about finding the perfect books for the sports fanatic in your life.   Suggestions For The ... read more

Weekly Menu Plan: December 1st

weekly menu plan dec fi

Wow! I totally cannot believe that December is here already! Where has this year gone? I guess I am overly sensitive because in 17 days, I will have a 16 year-old. How did that happen? It seems like it was just yesterday that my first baby boy made his entrance in the world, after a little encouragement(READ: induction). Oh vey! Menu planning has been really difficult this week. My work ... read more

I’m Still Here! #TrueBlogging

true blogging winter fi

Hey All! Did you miss me? Or better yet, did you even notice I haven't been around? This November has been such a busy month that I had to let some things slide a bit. One of them, unfortunately, was my blog. I was very busy, a bit uninspired, and kind of physically exhausted. But I am back, and I think I am starting to get some great ideas for posts. Now I just need to get those ... read more

Easy Cheesy Speck Ham Scramble

speck ham

One of my favorite things to eat is breakfast for dinner. I love that it is a quick and easy meal that the entire family can enjoy. Whether it is planned or spontaneous, it is perfect for that night when you just don't know when to eat. I generally love to put lots of things in my scrambled eggs. From peppers to onions to cheese and more, I am always find new ways to try something new. Enter ... read more

Weekly Menu Plan: November 17


It is hard to believe that next week is Thanksgiving already. I am eternally grateful that I don't have to do any of the cooking. My mother-in-law does all the cooking, and it is absolutely amazing. I am going to be making my famous apple pie, though. Not sure if it is famous in any way other that it is the recipe from the side of the pie crust box. I do add a few of my own things, though, to make ... read more

Thankful Thursday: The “I Survived” Edition

Thankful Thursday Button New

Happy Thursday, dear blog readers! The sun is out and it is a very brisk morning. But do you know what today is? It is Thursday, and I am doing the happy dance in my desk chair as I am typing this. Because, you know, Friday comes after Thursday. I know you are probably thinking that I have lost my mind and I should know the days of the week at this point. I assure you, I really do. I won't ... read more