5 Reasons Why I Love Halloween

Happy Halloween! It is a cold and chilly day here in PA. In fact, there was frost out on the pumpkins. The downside to that is I will have to go out and scrape my car before work. Really not ready for that nonsense. But the sun is out, and the chance for precipitation is very low! That is why I love Halloween, it really celebrates Fall. Plus, it is not snowing this year! There is one amazing positive to today as well. There are kids in a certain part of PA that can look forward to celebrating Halloween again, now that the dangerous ... read more

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#Ad Shop Sears For Your Back To School Wardrobe

Pretty soon we will all be hearing the ringing of the school bell. I know my kids just ran screaming from the room just thinking about going back to school.  My oldest is fussy, my youngest doesn't seem to care about back to school wardrobe shopping. Thankfully, Sears has everything we need for ... read more

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