Preparing For A New School Year in 2011

prepping for a new school year It’s so hard to believe that the 2011 school year is almost upon us.  Each year it seems like Back To School supplies show up earlier and earlier.  In a way, I feel bad for the kids that their summer is always rushed and that they feel they have to rush in order to enjoy it.  At the same time, time ticks on, and the calendar is inching closer and closer to September.  Our school district always starts school the Tuesday after Labor Day.  I wish that would start earlier because of our unpredictable winter weather that has a tendency to extend the school year because of all the snow days that are used up.  We are lucky in the fact that our school district does build some snow days into the schedule, but they were all used up, and the kids had to go until the 16th of June last year.

This year it’s hard to believe that oldest DS will be in 7th grade.  This is his second year in middle school, so we both have a better idea of what to expect.   One of the newest course in this school  year is Spanish.  This is the first time DS will have any exposure to languages other than English.  He certainly has the brain for it, and a good ear(why is it he can hear, but not listen??  LOL), which should make this class a little less intimidating for him.  He is also excited that he with no longer be in “the dungeon”, as they call it.  Last year, 6th grade was in the lower level of the school.  This year, they are on the main floor, and not so far away from everything.  I am not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.  At least they are still separated from the eighth graders. In this school year, youngest DS is going into 5th grade.  This will be his final year at elementary school, so it is kind of bittersweet.  There is not too much added to his schedule, other than morning band practice twice a week.  The fifth grade teachers are mostly different from when oldest went, so I really don’t know what to expect from any of the teachers.  I am just hoping that youngest will be more responsible with his agenda, showing us his work, and remembering to bring things home.

I guess the hardest part of the school year starting back up is the unknown.  We still haven’t received our class assignments.  From previous history, they should be here this coming weekend, but the waiting is still difficult.  I do like to email the teachers ahead of time to go over supply lists, and to make sure that they have all my contact information for the new school year.  I also like to know if they are any things I can donate to the classroom, and start stocking up on those items.  My SIL is a teacher, and it’s always difficult to hear how she is spending so much of her own many just to supply her classroom with basic supplies.  I know that not everyone can donate to the school, so I try to help out whenever I can.

So I ask this of all the bloggers out there: What are your favorite tips for preparing for Back To School? What are you doing to make this a successful school year?

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  1. ruthhill74 says

    I don't feel worried about the new school year. We're supposed to be getting our class assignments by early next week. I don't really have any tips for back to school. We're going shopping tomorrow. I am pleased to know that you find out what you can donate to teachers. I am a substitute teacher now, but I was in the classroom for years. No one ever offered to help me!! But then I was just a music teacher.

    By the way, I am now following you. I like the set-up of your blog. Have a great Wednesday!

  2. says

    My best tip….do as much as you can the night before. Back packs packed and in the van. Clothes, including shoes, laid out in the floor of our room. Thermoses filled and in the fridge. Lunch boxes open on the counter with all snacks not needing refridgeration packed. Breakfast out and ready, if possible. Keeps me sane as we rush towards the car.

  3. Miller Racing Family says

    I totally agree the unknown is the hardest part for both the kids and parents. This year I have done more with schedules. We have a little poster that has a morning schedule and an afternoon schedule. This makes getting out the door eaiser and with everything we need. Then it also helps us unwind and get all the homework done before the evening starts.
    I hope the year goes great. Blessings!

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