Simple Woman’s Daybook 04.06.14


FOR TODAY April 6, 2014

Outside my window…It’s sunny now, and it is supposed to be absolutely gorgeous today. Think I will grab the dog and take a walk.

I am thinking…that I am glad I got all the cleaning and laundry done during the week because I was able to relax all weekend.

I am thankful… I am thankful that I received a promotion at work. After 6 years of waiting, I am finally the Lead Bookseller in Children’s!

In the kitchen… Absolutely no clue what-so-ever!

I am wearing… Jeans and a short-sleeved shirt.

I am creating… A home that will survive Mom going back to work FT.

I am going… To start thinking about doing major Spring Cleaning in the boys bedrooms.

I am wondering... if I can keep the house looking as presentable as it is!

I am reading… Ruins by Dan Wells. It is the third book in the Partials series.

I am hoping… That I can start some kind of exercising routine. I want to get back to walking outside. Since my new schedule has me starting at 3pm or 10am, I think that is entirely possible!

I am looking forward to…it being light out at 5:30am. It makes getting up in the morning so much more tolerable.

I am learning…That God has a plan. And you must be patient. And if you are patient and trust in Him, you will find out your true purpose in life.

Around the house… Just trying to keep things presentable. I have been really good at making the beds each day. Not necessarily full-blown-pull-out-the-decorative-pillows made, but the blankets are folded neatly at the bottom of the bed. And doing a PUPA before bed is great!

I am pondering… how I can organize the cellar so that it is more efficient. Maybe figure out some kind of laundry organization??

A favorite quote for today… This is a quote from one of the kids at story time. “Birds Eat Worms. Kid eat gummy worms. But if kids eat too many gummy worms, then their poop will be runny like a birds.” Alrighty then. Good information to know.

One of my favorite things… Starting to think about our family vacation in June!  Wildwood, here we come!

A few plans for the rest of the week:

  • Monday~Work, then weekly home blessing.
  • Tuesday~TBD
  • Wednesday~TBD
  • Thursday~TBD
  • Friday~TBD
  • Saturday ~TBD
  • Sunday~TBD

A peek into my day…

Only 11 more weeks until we can relax in our favorite place!

Only 11 more weeks until we can relax in our favorite place!

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