Menu Plan Monday 03.24.14

It's another new week, so that means another new menu plan. It is a hard week to plan for because we are having company this week, and Saturday is youngest's birthday party. Belated, thanks to all the snow. GRRR! So not only do I have to plan for us, but for the busy nights we will be out running. Oh well, the planning must go on. Monday: Tonight's meal is crockpot creamed chicken. My youngest actually eats it, so I am not complaining! I will hopefully have a recipe for it to post next week. Tuesday: French toast and turkey bacon. I also have strawberries, blueberries, and apples to use as toppings. Wednesday: Velveeta … [Read more...]


Weekly Menu Planning : Last Week In January

Weekly menu planning is one of the best tools for working Moms, stay-at-home Moms, and families, too. Recently I participated in the BiAnnual Blogathon Bash 2, and my topic was tips for working moms to manage home and blogging.  I realize now that I could have really expanded my post with a few homemaking tips. My top one? Weekly menu planning, of course. See how I wrote it out on a piece of paper, and taped it to the cabinet? Now I don't have to hear what's for dinner! And, it is a great reminder to me what I need to take out of the freezer, or bring upstairs before I leave for work. Weekly Menu Planning For The Last Week In … [Read more...]


Top 7 Posts This Week

Happy Saturday everyone! It is yet another snowy, cold day in my area of Pennsylvania. Since I let the house get messy this week, I need to spend the day cleaning house! Normally I participate in the #SITSSharefest Twitter party, but I need to take a pass this week. I have been concentrating so much on blog stats, page views, getting sponsored posts, that I forgot the fun of blogging. I decided to share my top 7 posts over the past seven days! Take a few moments and click on the links, you can learn a lot about me and my blog! Top 7 Posts For This Week What Is Cooking This Week: Menu Plan Monday Apparently, menu planning is a big deal … [Read more...]

it's beginning to look like christmas

It’s Beginning To Look Like Christmas: Menu Plan Monday

As always, it is Monday, which means Menu Plan Monday. It is another hard week to menu plan because everyone is in different places each day this week. Hubby is back to work after a full 10 days off, so if I know him, he'll be staying late to catch up or start on new projects. So fast, easy, and adaptable is the name of the game this week. We are headed to NYC on Saturday for a school fundraiser trip, so I am looking forward to some good food there. Curious to know what we are having this week? Check out my Menu Plan Monday:   It's Beginning To Look Like Christmas   Sunday: Hot sausage, brown potatoes, and … [Read more...]


Things I Have To Do This Week But Don’t Want To

It's Sunday.  A wonderful day to rest. Umm, not really.  There is a lot I have to do.  Menu planning is at the top. Not sure how that is going to go since I have to play Mom's taxi service 3 days this week.  Do you know how hard it is to menu plan when your hubby gets home at different times and your kids have to be somewhere too?  Aaahhh.  Makes me want to scream.  But I can't, because I have work to do. And then, once I get the menu plan done, I have to write the list, and go do the grocery shopping.  I think I may like that even less than menu planning. Next on that list?  Folding and putting away all the clean laundry.  Then I have I … [Read more...]

Menu Planning On Monday: Week of February 3rd

Menu planning has always been one of the things that I always avoid. My husband is a busy guy, and he usually leaves all the menu planning to me. It's hard sometimes, because I don't want to make things that he doesn't enjoy eating. We tend to get in the same pattern of eating similar things week after week. That's why I enjoy participating in Menu Plan Monday. It's a great way to share your meals with others, and get some new ideas as well! My family enjoys a lot of chicken, so I am always looking for new, healthy ways to make it. I have some great recipes on Menu Plan Monday. And the bonus? Menu planning saves you money in the long run, … [Read more...]


The Simple Woman’s Daybook~February 3rd

The Simple Woman's daybook is one of my favorite blog memes to do. I always get lots of comments, visits, and encouragement when I write it. My daybook always combines little parts of my everyday life. Sometimes I feel like my life takes on such a hectic pace. Blogging about my week helps me to see what my week is like, and maybe figure out how to slow things down a bit. So I hope that you enjoy this post. And join in with the Simple Woman's daybook as well.   Do you have a simple life? Do you want others to share in it?   FOR TODAY February 3, 2013   Outside my window... It is starting to snow. So much for the … [Read more...]


Simple Woman’s Daybook~November 18th

FOR TODAY November 18, 2012   Outside my window... It's a sunny right now, but very cold.  I am so ready for Spring right now. I am thinking... That I can't believe that Thanksgiving is this week.  Where has the year gone?  I have a lot to be thankful for. I am thankful... Gee, where to start? I am thankful for my husband and kids.  I am thankful that we all survived Hurricane Sandy, with minimal discomfort. I am thankful that I have a roof over my head, food in our cabinets, and heat in our home. In the kitchen... I am completely unmotivated in the kitchen right now. I did make a step forward by actually doing a meal … [Read more...]

what i learned this week

What I Learned This Week~March 27th

*I learned that I am so completely happy that baseball season is back. As much as I hate the bipolar weather, the constant running around, and the never-ending laundry train, I love watching my son playing and having fun.  I love watching my husband coach and bring out the best in every kid.  And I really love time spent with friends. *I learned that moving from FT to PT was the best decision I could have made. I am much more content, and more bearable to live with. *I learned that menu planning is a good thing. However, it is not good for accumulating gas points because you are not running to the store several times a week … [Read more...]

simple day girl

Menu Plan Monday~March 26

Sunday~ Leftovers Monday~ TBD-baseball practice Tuesday~ Burgers and crab fries Wednesday~ Beef BBQ bake Thursday~TBD-baseball practice Friday~Waffles and sausage Saturday~Lasagna     … [Read more...]

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