Simple Woman’s Daybook 04.13.14

I love the first flower picture of the year!

FOR TODAY April 13, 2014 Outside my window...It's sunny now, and it is supposed to be absolutely gorgeous today. Going to enjoy our Palm Sunday service, than relax at MIL's. On her front porch :) I am thinking...that I am glad I got all the cleaning and laundry done during the week because I was able to relax all weekend. And that is a good thing because.......see the next entry. I … [Read more...]

So Very Thankful This Thursday

thankful thursday

  I am so excited for a few things. First, time change is this Saturday night. Which means it is lighter longer. Of course, the kids have to go to the bus stop in the dark, but that won't be for too much longer either. Second, and hopefully an important point, Spring is 2 weeks away. Can we please make sure that Mother Nature gets the memo this time? Yesterday I blogged about 5 things I … [Read more...]

Simple Woman’s Daybook~April 1st

Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia, PA

Have you ever thought about being a simple woman or writing a daybook? The Simple Woman's daybook is one of my favorite blog memes to do. I always get lots of comments, visits, and encouragement when I write it. My daybook always combines little parts of my everyday life. Sometimes I feel like my life takes on such a hectic pace. Blogging about my week helps me to see what my week is like, and … [Read more...]

Sunshine Is Good For The Soul


When I look at the calendar, it's hard to believe that the end of February is almost upon us.  It just seemed like the new year began, and here we are almost 2 full months into it.  Well, you will get no complaints from this blogger.  I thrive on sunshine, long nights, warm breezes, and open windows.  During the winter, I mark the passing of time by when it gets dark.  Darkness means a few good … [Read more...]