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This blog post by MckMama is interesting. The Home Depot employee in this picture is smoking while handing out supplies to children. Highly inappropriate, don’t you think? It really makes you stop and think about how you present yourself when you are working, or even volunteering.

What kind of message is Home Depot sending by allowing an employee to smoke in front of children while they are on the clock? Or even volunteering.  As a consumer, would you continue to support this company?  Would you let your children near sponsored events? Or should the employee be “cut a break” because she is “doing good” by handing out the supplies?

*Edited to add: this is only my opinion, and should not be construed as the end-all-be-all of opinions.  It is meant for discussion purposes only

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  1. charlotte morris says

    She clearly is not at a Home Depot store so it is probably volunteering for the store sponsor event. YES,bad judgement on the person’s part; however, don’t take it out on Home Depot. Why didn’t a parent say something about smoking in front of the kids? Probably because they were grateful for what she was doing and because she was outside. Next time Home Depot should just remind volunteers not to smoke while handing out the freebies. Please don’t make this into a larger issue than it should be.

    • says

      Valid point, but I think there is a lot of room for discussion about this topic. No where did I say I was right, and that the other person is wrong. Just trying to make the point that a person can *perceive* the situation in different ways. :) I appreciate your input, I really do.

  2. says

    My feelings: I hate when people smoke. Period. Older people (like over 70) I cut some slack because it’s an addiction and I feel like when they probably started the detriments to their health weren’t well-known (or believed). Younger people I consider to be completely stupid. They should ALL know better.

    However. Stupid people are everywhere. Remember when you used to have to go outside to get fresh air? And now as soon as you walk out the door you’re hit with the smoker’s wall of fumes! I’m going to assume that since she was outside, she probably didn’t consider it a problem – whether there are children around or not.

    PS Did you attend UPB during 1990-91? You look familiar…
    The Mommy recently posted..S’mores by Solar Snack Set-UpMy Profile

  3. says

    I think a lot of us would be shocked by our behavior if we were caught on a hidden camera, lol. I know for the company that I work for, it is in our policy to cover situations like this so in that aspect, yes, she/he should be reprimanded. HR is probably having a field day with. On the other hand, we just gave Home Depot, free advertising.

  4. charlotte morris says

    Oh I didn’t mean YOU directly making it into a larger issue than it needs to be!! Sorry if it sounded that way, I just meant in general. We all have bad judgement calls at some time or another.. I don’t think she should get a reprimand, that would be rather harsh. It was bad judgement, however she was outside and doubt if it was a non-smoking zone. We do not know if she was ask at some point to stop smoking or not, all we see is the one picture.

    Prevention is what they should focus on now. I think Home Depot should make it clear that when employees volunteer for projects they should be aware of their behavior as it reflects on the company. This could mean, smoking, bad language, or inappropriate dress.

  5. Kerrie says

    Am a militant anti-smoker & fortunate to live in th tight smoking/tobacco sales regulations.

    Clearly the woman smoking while working/volunteering was inappropriate however my issue with the particur post by MckMama is that she took a photograph of the woman and posted it on a public forum, very likely without consent. She has then permitted the woman to be judged & ridiculed by her readers.

    A more appropriate action would have been to make a complaint to Home Depot, supported by a photograph. She could have written about the situation without violating the woman’s tight to privacy.

    I will add here that I made a comment on MckMama’s post very similar to this one but thus far she has not permitted it to be published. I am hoping you will allow it here.

    • says

      I have to respectfully disagree with you Kerrie. I am approving this comment because it is another viewpoint. :) As a employee, you are representing your company. You are in the public. By being in public and representing your company, you are open to any and all things. The woman chose to smoke in public while representing her company. I think she gave up her right to privacy. IMHO.

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