Top 5 Movies I Can Always Watch

It is the weekend, and I am enjoying my day off with my family.  But I am hoping that people will come visit my blog.  I wanted something fun and light for a Sunday, so I am creating a post based on my top 5 movies that I can watch on TV, no matter how many times I see them. And here they are:




#5-Steel Magnolias

#4 National Treasure Book of Secrets

#3 10 Things I Hate About You

#2 Star Wars-any episode

and my number one movie that I watch on TV is:
#1 Twister

I had fun making this list because these movies have caused me many a late night, and a grumpy morning. It doesn’t matter if I am two seconds from going to bed. If I flip by them on the TV, I watch them to the end. It’s even worse when they are on back to back, because I will watch the second one to the end as well.

So that’s one of my silly habits. If you’d like to make your own list on your blog, I would appreciate a link back here, even though this isn’t an official meme. Leave a comment for me if you make your own list, because I’d love to come visit and read yours!

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  1. You can add A Knight’s Tale and Speed to that list for me, too! Isn’t it awful how easily we’re sucked in and willing to lose sleep for a movie. I do it waaaaay too often, lol! BTW, that’s for stopping by and commenting on my blog!
    Betty recently posted..See You at the Fair!My Profile

  2. Hey,
    I’m stopping by from blog frog and the Joyful Jungle Community. I saw your lead-in sentences on the blogs link there and had to stop by this Sunday afternoon!!!!

    My favorite movies (I’m old): The Natural with Robert Redford, When Harry Met Sally, Courageous, 61* (love sports), and Star Wars — not episode 1 but all the rest! :)
    Karen Dawkins recently posted..Roaring like a lionMy Profile

  3. This was a great list. I always love the Halmark movies and Jerry McGuire and Sweet Home Alabama. Hope you had a great weekend.
    Miller Racing Family recently posted..Duggar Alfredo SpaghettiMy Profile

  4. Great list! Will make mine and link back here :)
    RIBA recently posted..My Favorite Doctor, Travis StorkMy Profile

  5. My name was showing wrong (stupid typo) :)
    Rina recently posted..My Favorite Doctor, Travis StorkMy Profile

  6. Mine is The Proposal with Sandra Bullock and Ryan Reynolds. I LOL everytime I see it. OH Pride and Prejudice too!

  7. Twister is one of our “what movie do you want to fall asleep to?” picks. :) We love it, but yes, it’s so familiar and cozy, we fall asleep. Hubs hasn’t been sleeping well lately (baby taking up acreage and we all have colds, to name but a few issues) so he wakes up around 3am and heads to the couch, flips on Twister, is out in 10 minutes :p

  8. What?! No Dirty Dancing? jk- perhaps we over-did-it just a little with that one :)
    And I’d have to add Christmas Vacation and Pulp Fiction!
    gwenndyl recently posted..TAD 2012 summary: 13/29My Profile

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