Weekly Menu Plan: Last Week In August

Wow! The last week of August is upon us. The kids go back to school next week, and we still have to get all their shopping done. I want to wait to get supplies until after their teachers tell them exactly what is needed. As for clothing shopping, we need to get on that.

Once again, it is a difficult week for menu planning. Constant running, and just being sick of the same old thing has made it really difficult! So this is what I came up with for this week:

weekly Menu plan graphic

This week has the potential to be a slower week, so I am excited to actually be able to cook a few days. Hubby put in a few suggestions for a change, so it will be stuff they actually want to eat.

In any case, this is what I have cooking this week:

  • Sunday: Roast chicken and macaroni and cheese. It is the one meal that we all agree on, and there is no leftovers.
  • Monday: Crockpot sausage sandwiches. Click on the photo to get the recipe.
    sausage recipe cardb
  • Tuesday: Hubby, oldest son, and I are headed to a concert. We are going to stop on the way to grab something.
  • Wednesday: Hubby and I are having a date night at a concert at our local fair. So that means fair food! There is a stand there that makes homemade haluski, and I always get it. They make it just like my Grammy did, so it is a comfort food to me.
  • Thursday: Out again. We have haircuts, so hubs is going to stop and get cheese dogs and chocolate milk from our favorite hot dog place.
  • Friday: Probably pizza. Or perhaps cheesesteaks. Or maybe something totally different.
  • Saturday: I would have to guess Chipotle, if it is like any other Saturday night.

So that is our menu plan for the week. I really need to work on making some new things, especially recipes in the crockpot for Monday and Tuesday nights. I know my family loves the same things, but I need some new dinner ideas to add to my menu plan.

What dinner ideas on your menu plan for this week?


More dinner ideas:

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    • says

      Hi Jean!
      Haluski is a Hungarian dish where you mixed fried cabbage with balls of dough that are cooked like pasta. Add a little butter and pepper, and it is the perfect comfort food. I guess I will have to make it soon, and share it on the blog.

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