What Is Common Courtesy?

In the busyness of life, people tend to forget the common courtesy they should use when dealing with other people. The pace of today’s world is busy, moving so fast that we are literally running to keep up. There is so much to do in the day, and not enough time in the day to do it. Bills to pay, errands to run, phone calls to make, it just never seems to end. Each task seems to take a really long time. I think the day should be 36 hours, but that’s just me.

So we turn to multi-tasking. If we can do 1 thing, why not 3 at once, right? We can surf the internet, talk on the phone, and pays the bills all in one sitting. It sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it? Well, I don’t think it is. I have tried multi-tasking, and I just wind up farther behind. Surfing the internet is a great way to put off those tasks even further. But, we should not forget that it is a simple courtesy to be polite to others.

I worked in the retail sector as a cashier. I have seen so many people trying to do many things at once, and they just seem more harried than accomplished. Lately, I have noticed a big increase in people trying to talk on their cell phones while checking out at the register. I have been brought up to be polite and not interrupt someone when they are on the phone. You know, using the manners my parents taught me. However, lately, I am finding that all those rules I was taught just don’t mean a thing to some people anymore. People just have the time or energy to use courtesy towards others, and in reality, it is something that only takes seconds to accomplish. It’s sad and very disheartening. These people end up holding up the line because they don’t have their coupons ready, or their form of payment. It’s not fair to those customers that are solely concentrating on checking out. So in order to compensate for the lack of manners, I found myself turning into a cashiering monster. I would interrupt people talking on the phone, even though it goes against every grain in my body. I did talk over their conversations in order to move them through the line. I have made them put down their phones in order to swipe their own credit card or sign the payment slip. I don’t like it, I don’t enjoy it, but I will do it. In the past months I have gotten away from that aspect of my job. I have noticed that my attitude has greatly improved, and so has my patience with people and their lack of common courtesy.

So while we are all in a hurry to get things done, remember the person on the other side of the counter has things they need to get done as well, and would appreciate your full attention so they can get you what you need as quickly as possible.

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What Do You Consider Common Courtesy?

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  1. says

    Courtesy is becoming a dying task (not sure if correct terminology) but due to electronics and figuring it is easier to just text people just live in their own world. I like that in the Dr’s office they have signs that state to go outside when making a call.

  2. says

    I honestly don’t think it’s rude to interrupt someone on the phone if they are on the phone while checking out or doing something else that’s inappropriate to be talking on the phone while doing. You know what I mean? It’s not rude to ask someone to pay attention to the task at hand, especially if they are holding up a line! Great post!
    Maytina recently posted..Homemade Granola BarsMy Profile

  3. says

    I think talking on the cellphones in public, loudly, is also rude. Ever since cellphones came out, it doesn’t seem like anyone is ever without one. In the stores, I understand people calling home to ask about buying something but do they have to YELL?????????
    katlupe recently posted..Preparing Is Not A Bad Thing To Do!My Profile

  4. says

    Remembering to say “thank you,” “I am sorry,” “Excuse me,” are some of the basic courtesies that I have taught my kids. Of course this should be said when it is appropriate. But I agree with what you said that more and more people are beginning to forget such common courtesies.
    sarah recently posted..Finding Your Way HomeMy Profile

  5. says

    One day I meditated on this: inconsiderate or rude people or drivers, the state of our world. The answer came to me and I use it often
    LHR love, honor and respect. We must love, honor and respect everyone. Still there are many I refer to as the VIP people – to important to think love, honor and respect towards someone else. Alas, they take a lot of patience from me.
    DM Donna Yates recently posted..What’s New in My WorldMy Profile

  6. M.Clark says

    To me common courtesy is not doing something that would be considered disruptive to others like blasting your radio or television when others are within hearing distance, especially at inappropriate times like midnight. Not talking about people behind their back or spreading lies about them. I know people who do/have done all of these things. Basically not being inconsiderate, knowing that it’s not all about you. Living according to the golden rule: Do unto others as you would have done to you. Unfortunately most people do not do this, like the people I spoke of earlier.


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