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Exciting Family Fun At Mt. Olympus Resorts

One of my favorite things about my family is the fun places we have visited over the years. Places I never would have dreamed of before. In 2013, we had the opportunity to drive out to Wisconsin to visit friends that had moved to that area. We were looking for some new things to do when we stumbled upon the Mt. Olympus Resorts. Wisconsin is such a beautiful place to visit, and the Mt. Olympus Resorts were the highlight of our trip.

So what made the Mt. Olympus Resorts so much fun? Well there are lots of reasons, but I will share with you our favorite reasons why this is one of the best stops for family fun. We found a fantastic deal online for an overnight package, so we took advantage of it.

Exciting Family Fun At Mt. Olympus Resorts:

When we first arrived at the resort, we made a stop in the main lobby to register for our room & received our wristbands. The wristbands get you in and out of the parks and you can charge food and souvenirs to your room as well.  A very convenient perk when you don’t want to worry about carrying money or a credit card.

Since our room wasn’t ready yet, we decided to check out the waterpark while we waited. As luck would have it, there was a torrential downpour just as we were getting ready to enter the park. But after a few minutes, the rain stopped and we headed in to have some fun.

Gosh, looking at this picture brings back so many wonderful memories of this trip. Look how young we all look!

So when we first got there, we headed to their signature attraction: Poseidon’s Rage.

Let me tell you, this wave pool is NO joke. It is, by far, the best one I have ever been to, even when it knocked me on my posterior. My husband and oldest got right out there in the thick of things. Me? I hung back with youngest and we still got pushed around by the waves. But we all loved it.

So while my two big guys were having fun, youngest and I headed out to try something more our speed:

The Tidal Wave pool was more our speed because you could use inner tubes to float on. Much more fun in my book, as I am the one that really loves lazy rivers. But don’t let that fool you, this one is just as fun as Poseidon’s Rage!

We finally got a text message that our room was ready, so we headed out of the water park to pick up our room key and get changed for dinner. We did not get a room at the main complex, so we drove over to the bungalow villages that they have scattered over the grounds.

We had a nice room with 2 full-sized beds. It was clean and cozy for an overnight stay.

After dinner, we rested a bit and decided to check out the theme park. Lots of fun with coasters and racing tracks!

I want to add a side note: if you are not used to or like go-carts, the theme park may not be your favorite part. As for me using the go-carts? Let’s just say that I was entertainment for my men. They teased me for hours on how bad I really was.

So once I was done embarrassing myself, we decided to check out the indoor waterpark.

It is a really nice indoor waterpark, and my favorite part was the lazy river. You could either use a float or walk/swim around. It was a lot of fun playing “shark” with the boys, and I really enjoyed it.

The only downside to the indoor water park area was the strong chlorine smell. So if you have any intolerance to chlorine, then my advice would be to avoid it.

There are a bunch of cute places to eat when you are in the parks. Definitely something for everyone!

And for the times when the weather doesn’t cooperate, there is a great game room for the kids.

And, of course, one of my favorite places to hang out is the gift shop, as I love to collect souvenirs from our vacations.

So I hope you enjoyed a look around Mt. Olympus Resorts water and theme parks. I know we had a great time there, and I am sure you and your family will too!

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