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Exploring The Beauty Of Tybee Island

In 2016, we took a drive up and down the East Coast visiting various colleges for my older son. 3 colleges in 2 days, several hotels, and a whole lot of fun. Our youngest wasn’t big on visiting the colleges, so we decided he needed a trip just for him. Since he loves beaches, we decided to make a stop to see the beauty of Tybee Island Georgia. It was well worth it for all of us! ?

While the main purpose of our trip was to visit colleges, my husband surprised us by also planning a trip to Walt Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando! Needless to say, this Mom had a blast using all my favorite guidebooks to start planning our trip.

So once we had our college trips planned, I started thinking about what we could do in order to make this trip fun for our younger son. A friend of mine lived in Georgia, and she suggested Tybee Island as a great place to stop. It was only 30 minutes from Savannah, which only added 1 extra hour to our traveling time. So here is a little about the island paradise that awaited us.

Exploring the Beauty of Tybee Island:

I am glad that I did my research before we visited, because I was able to find out about parking at Tybee Island. I came prepared with change for the parking meters, and knew what to do. Once we reached our parking area, it was a short trip to the beach. I love the sign we encountered first.?

One thing I need to warn you about was there was?a lot?of sand fleas before you got to the water. I should have left my sneakers on until then, and I got a few bites(BONUS TIP: Apply a little baby oil on your lower legs. Yes it attracts sand, but the fleas are unable to get a good hold in order to bit you). I know for the future, though, and it didn’t stop me from falling in love with the island.

One of my favorite parts was just walking around the beach barefoot and listening to the sound of the surf. Made me even more grateful that we planned this trip.?

Of course, I was busy behind the camera taking pictures. Next time I know to have one of them shoot a few with me in them!

During the walk, we found a bunch of seashells and made a new friend.

And also some educational information about how seriously they take safeguarding the turtles.

And of course there were beautiful sand dunes to look at.

We then took some time and walked down to the pier. Saw a gentleman fishing, talked to a few folks, and talked excitedly about the fact that we were 3 hours from Orlando! See what I mean about the beauty of Tybee Island?

We still talk about how much we loved relaxing on the pier. It was already starting to get warm, so we were glad for the short time of rest in the shade. I think next time we will make sure to build extra time in the day to explore the island further.

On the way back from the end of the pier, we took a moment to stop inside the pavillion to have a look around. The great thing was there was bathrooms right there.

When we left the pavillion to head back to the car, there was this cute hut to look at. We were there early, so it wasn’t open yet. But the decor just screams island and relaxation.

There was also some quaint shops and restaurants to look at on the way back to the car, and they also shared the island vibe.

So it was time to hop back into the car, and hit our next destination.

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