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Packing Tips For Teen Girls For An Enjoyable Vacation

We may remember the teen years as being carefree and easy, but the truth is, teen girls have a lot going on in life. From school to extra-curriculars to boys to social media, their lives are busy.  That’s why when it’s time to pack for a vacation, their minds are often elsewhere. While they may seem old enough to do it on their own, you really should step in and help when it comes to packing tips for teen girls. If nothing else, you should your teenager a guideline of what she should pack for the trip Regardless of how long your trip will be, packing tips for teen girls basically comes down to following a few basic rules and creating a system that works for you.

What Is The Most Important Thing You Need For Packing?

I think one of the most important things you need for your packing is…..packing cubes! I admit, I am a notorious over packer. And then I started using packing cubes and it has been a game changer. Not only is my suitcase more organized, but I tend to pack less because I am limited in my space. Try it with your teen girls!

packing tips for teen girls

What Clothes Should Teen Girls Be Packing?

Okay, teenager or not, they are going to need the same clothes as the rest of us.  They will need enough undergarments (bras, panties and socks) to last the trip and at least one pair of pajamas. The clothing that they bring, of course, will be determined by the weather that you are expecting at your destination. A good rule of thumb though is to have several bottoms (pants, shorts, skirts), enough tops to mix and match with the bottoms in multiple ways (usually 2 or 3 more tops than bottoms).

Also, don’t forget a swimsuit and a cover up if you plan on hitting the pool or beach. If you have any plans to attend a nice dinner or other dressy occasion, it’s a good idea to bring a dress or other dressy outfit along. If the weather will be on the chilly side, don’t forget to bring along the appropriate outerwear.

Tip: Before packing, encourage your teen to lay all of her clothes out on her bed to ensure that she is comfortable with the outfits that can be created with the clothes she is bringing along. 

Suggestions For Shoes & Accessories

Okay, this is a tough packing category, because if you have ever packed for a trip, you know how tempting it is to pack too many pairs of shoes.  Double that temptation for teenage girls. Truth be told though, just about any trip that you take will require just 3 pairs of shoes, occasionally 4. Here is what your teen should be bringing in the shoe compartment of her suitcase:

  • Comfortable athletic-type shoes for walking
  • Casual everyday shoes
  • Shoes that fit the weather (flip flops, waterproof shoes, etc)
  • Dressy shoes (if needed for dress up days)

Other accessories that your teen should be packing with her include the following:

  • Scrunchies / Hair-ties
  • Scarves
  • Hats
  • Belts
  • Sunglasses

Of course, these accessories should only be packed if your teen wears them on a typical basis. Make sure they don’t pack them “just in case” because they will more than likely just be taking up precious luggage space.

Personal Products Teen Girls Need To Pack

The personal products packing rules is where you are going to see the most difference in packing between girls and boys. For my boys, it seemed like there was never enough. For the girls, well, read on!

Hair and Skin

Even if you are staying at a hotel, I highly recommend letting your teen bring her own shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and moisturizer (you can put them in travel bottles or buy travel size refillables).  Hormonal, teenage skin is notoriously finicky. It’s best if you bring along products that you know work for them. Also, make sure to bring along sunscreen!


Make sure your teen realizes that even if she spends a long time on her hair/makeup each day at home, it is not going to be the same on your trip.  You will likely all be sharing one bathroom, plus, you want to get out and go to your destination, not hanging out and waiting to get ready!

That’s why it’s good to limit beauty products to a single styling device, one hair styling product and a downsized collection of makeup (mascara, concealer and a lip gloss are more than enough for most teens while traveling).

Personal Hygiene

In addition to her hair, skin and beauty supplies, make sure your teen remembers to pack along her personal hygiene items. This will include their toothbrush, deodorant, feminine products, and any medications that she may need.

Tip: Have fun, colored bags available so that the contents can’t be seen. It may cut down on uncomfortable encounters if a brother or other another guy finds these items in the bathroom.

What Gadgets And Entertainment Should Teen Girls Be Packing?

As much as we may want to head off on a trip without any gadgets or electronics, it likely won’t happen. Today’s teen will definitely want to bring her phone along on the trip (How else will she be able to take the perfect IG photo?). Your teen will also want to bring along her headphones for the drive or the flight (I recommend wired headphones for those flights that may have in-flight entertainment).

If you are heading out during the school year, you may need to bring along a laptop and other school supplies (notebooks, pencils, etc) so your teen can work on her homework during the downtime.

Tip: Don’t forget to bring along chargers for any and all gadgets and electronics. 

Things To Pack That You May Not Think Of

If you are traveling abroad, your teen will need her passport. If you are traveling within the U.S. though, and your teen is under the age of 18, ID is not required. If she has a driver’s permit or license though, it’s always a good idea to have photo ID on hand in case it is needed for anything on the trip.

To make the trip a little more comfortable for you teen, remind her to bring some of her own cash for spending money, a book or two for reading, and her favorite snacks for the road or flight.

So there are some easy tips for packing for teen girls that will make your vacation as enjoyable as possible, and cut down on the stress of possibly forgetting something.

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