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Everyone has pets that are part of their family.  And like family members, they need special care and attention during the summer months.  Please welcome Raeanne, who is here to talk about taking care of your pets and their needs during the summer season.  Thank you so much for your post!

School’s Out! Summer is here and its time to play with the kids and our pets. At our motel/bed and breakfast we get more one night visits as families are driving thru on their vacation destination. Or they have no destination and are just driving from place to place exploring Northern Michigan.

Sparky is our main greeter at the front desk when guests check in. Gizzy will race over, jump onto the office chair which then turns into a spinning chair. As it is turning by the desk she makes a wild leap up onto the desk, stands with her front paws on the counter to be sure the guests see her.

Sparky is a Golden Retriever (his coloring his the reddish golden) and Gizzy is a Bichon/Maltese mix. They are great ambassadors to the tourists. There was a year Sparky got more Christmas cards than we did! (he does write a blog with me).

Winter is Sparky’s favorite season. Gizzy prefers the summer. Sparky loves the cold air as he romps thru the snow. Winter is also our busiest time at the motel. Snowmobiles line the front and back of the motel. Sparky loves all the action. He races amongst the snowmobilers as they are unloading, or getting ready for a days ride. He wishes them all well as they give him a pat on the head or better yet throws his frisbee for him. Many do just that.

Gizzy does not like winter at all. She does not like the noise or commotion. Her small size makes walking in the snow difficult and tiring. More than 4 inches and she waits for a path to be shoveled for her exercise. The snow also matts on her hair so she returns to the house looking like a snow sculpture.

Gizzy should live on a beach. She will go outside to stretch out on the picnic table and bake. When she has reached her optimum temp she jumps down to race over to her kiddie pool. Jumps in and then flattens all out. Ahhhhh the sizzle from the heat is removed. When we are at the lake she stretches on the dock and then into the lake where she swims effortlessly.

Here she’s found a real hot spot – on top of the aluminum fishing boat.

Her wading pool.

We’ve shown Sparky the pictures of Golden’s swimming and jumping into water deeper than their bellies. He doesn’t believe its a sport for Goldens despite his webbed feet. He loves racing into the lake and wadding. He loves riding on the pontoon and watching other boats. Yet if he had his choice there would always be a snow pile instead of a lake.

Many people assume dogs ‘just know’ how to swim. That is not true. They may splash in an effort to keep themselves afloat just as we would if tossed into a body of water. Being able to swim is not born into humans or dogs. It is never a good idea to just toss your dog into deep water. It could be the last you see him.

Life jackets and float coats are made available for our canine friends. We are in the process of purchasing these for our dogs. Even though Gizzy is a good swimmer she gives us a scare when she stands up on the seat or boat rail to look over into the water. If she had a float coat on and would accidently go over we know she would be able to stay afloat until we could rescue her. The same for Sparky. He would panic which would just make his situation worse. We will rest easier when the lifejackets arrive.

It is our responsibility as their caregivers to do all we can to keep them safe and happy. Like children (and most men) they do not have the sense to know when they are in a dangerous situations. Dogs will play or swim until they are beyond exhaustion. Watch for fatigue and the signs of heat stroke: excessive panting, lethargy, drooling, fever, vomiting and collapse. Never leave your pet alone in a car. Never. Even for one minute.

Enjoy the summer months before they start to fade into the cooler autumn months.


Thank you again, Raeanne, for guest posting on my blog!  Readers, please take a moment and show your support by visiting and commenting on Raeanne’s blog!

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