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Jennifer's Journal

Happy Sunday! It is absolutely beautiful in my end of the world. It seems like there has not been a happy medium when the weather is concerned. Either wet and dreary or sunny and broiling. In any case, I will take these over snow anyday.

In any case, Summer seems to be FLYING by. It seems like yesterday we were just heading on a plane for a quick trip to Jamaica. Gosh, I would really like to be there right now!

And then we were on our favorite trip to Wildwood. And, in the blink of an eye, that was over as well. I could really use some Boardwalk time right money on food and drink Wildwood NJ

Another downside to time going so quickly is my oldest son will be heading back to school in a few weeks to start his sophomore year. I can’t get over how fast the first year went. Despite an interesting event during his first year, I am absolutely amazed how he adapted to college life.

As for youngest, he is shining in his own way. He will be starting his Senior year in the Fall. He has a paid internship he is doing the Summer at his technical school. It is quite the honor to be chosen for it, so this Mom is just as proud as she can be!

For me, I am struggling again with keeping up with the house because I would rather be outside or reading. So, it’s time to get back into my Flylady routines. And once I get back into those routines, I can back to work preparing for our next Sandals vacation! It is quite a while away, but it is still nice to dream about! 

I have this picture on my laptop so when it is cold and snowy, I can pretend that I am there. Anyone else ever do that?

So that is what’s going on in my world right now. How about you? Share what you do during the Summer!

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