I don’t know about you, but when my kids were younger, we had such a hard time trying to figure out some unique birthday party ideas. After all, every boys has had a truck or dinosaur birthday party. Nothing unique about that. But, given that was 16 years ago, party ideas have come an extremely long way. And I don’t think they want the same birthday gifts that Mom wants.

Kids today are so busy playing with electronic games that they forget the simple pleasures of building with their hands. So why not combine your milestone birthday with the joy of S.T.E.M. activities? Enter a Snapology franchise birthday party. For instance, check out this YouTube video:



I mean, really, who wouldn’t want to attend such a birthday party? From LEGO fans to LEGO Friends, even Star Wars, a Snapology Franchise birthday party is sure to be a HUGE hit with kids and parents alike.

Other benefits of a Snapology franchise birthday party:

1. Your child is engaged. Instead of sitting around and fighting over video games, your birthday kid and friends are working together to build something(sshhh, don’t tell them it’s educational).
2. Snapology franchise birthday parties are affordable for all families. All parents can relate to that!
3. You can enjoy the party too! A certified Snapology party facilitator will set-up, conduct activities and clean up. You can sit back and enjoy your child’s big day. How often can a parent say that?

snapology franchise birthday party

And did you know that there are other benefits to S.T.E.M. activities? But, again, don’t tell the kids. They are too busy having fun! As an adult, it brings us a lot of contentment to see them having a good time, learning new skills, and away from electronic devices.


Snapology also has programs that cater to special needs children, anti-bullying education, and team building exercises! Perfect for kids of all ages!

So now that you have seen all the amazing things a Snapology franchise birthday party can do to make your child’s day unforgettable, are you ready to start planning? I think I will volunteer to plan some parties for my friends that have younger children. Although, I bet my college-aged Chemistry major wouldn’t mind helping out at such a fun place!

Are you ready to start planning your Snapology franchise birthday party for your child?

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