One of the most expensive parts of being a baseball parent is keeping you and your family fed during the season.  This is a hard thing to balance because all the money you spend at the snack bar benefits the entire youth baseball program that your son is playing for.  At the same time, eating at the snack bar several times a week can be as costly as eating out in a restaurant.  So I thought I’d share ways that you can save money in your budget, and still support your baseball program.



Pack sandwiches and fruit to eat as your main meals.  Eating this first will fill you up, and make sure that you are making better choices when you do go to the snack bar.



Bring lemonade or water in a large thermos.  Sodas and other drinks are often the most expensive and least healthy thing available at a park’s snack bar.  I watch for the large packs of spring water to go on sale, and stock up.  About an hour or two before you head to the game, toss a few in the freezer.  Not only will they stay cold, but they will act as extra ice packs in a pinch.


Have some dried fruits and pretzel sticks in a baggie.  They are healthy, and they travel well.  These snacks take the place of the sugar cravings you may get while at a game, especially if you see a lot of people eating candy and ice cream.  Plus, if you buy them in bulk, you can divide them up a head of time, and just grab a few baggies at a time.  It saves you time if you are in a hurry.


But then there are times that you just need some good old-fashioned junk food.  This is where you can support the park’s snack bar at the same time.  A pack of candy here, an ice cream bar there, and maybe hot dog or two as well.  We do most of our support through the team fundraisers now because we spend a lot of money at the snack bars.  I am working hard this year to balance the two.  I hope that these suggestions have been helpful to you, and that you will be able to find the right balance.

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