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Cheeseburger subs


Sandwich rolls.

450 grams.Of ground beef.

3 Tbsp.Of salted butter.

A large diced onion.

Sliced pickles; I used 1 cup.

American cheese; you’ll need about 3 slices.

Ketchup and Mustard.


1st Step – Butter both sides of your roll after slicing it in half and placing it on a cutting board.

2nd Step – Make a long, thin patty with your ground beef that is at least 13 or 14 inches long. When you cook it, it will get smaller. Press it down so it cooks evenly and you can flip it easily with a spatula. Salt and pepper should be applied on both sides before cooking.

3rd Step – Toast the rolls on a big griddle so that the butter will melt and the bread will become crispy. Take out and put aside.

4th Step – Put some butter on the griddle and cook the onion until it is brown and crispy. Set aside and keep heated.

5th Step – Place the ground beef on the griddle, and heat it until it is well cooked on both sides, for around five minutes on each side.

6th Step – On top of the lengthy patty, cover it entirely with three slices of American cheese so that it runs the length of the burger. About a minute after covering the burgers with foil, the cheese will begin to melt.

7th Step – When assembling your cheeseburger subs, begin by spreading ketchup, mustard, and onions on the bread that has been buttered and toasted. Add the patty, and then put the pickle slices on top.

8th Step – Feel free to customize this burger by topping it with the ingredients and seasonings of your choice, such as sliced tomatoes, lettuce, and mayonnaise.



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