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Fun Rainy Day Activities During Your Beach Vacation

When everyone plans their beach vacations, a vision of sun and sand is the first things that pops into your head. But what happens when the sun isn’t out? Here are some fun rainy day activities during your beach vacation. Most are simple and expensive, and they work for all members of the family.

As many people know, Wildwood NJ is my beach happy place. We have been going there every Summer since my oldest son was 6 months old! We travel each year with my IL’s and we look forward to this trip all year round! I am sure you have a beach happy place as well, so you can definitely use the tips I am going to share.Fun Rainy Day Activities During Your Beach Vacation

Fun Rainy Day Activities During Your Beach Vacation:

  1. Read. One of my favorite things to do at the beach is read. But when it is nice out, I tend to find myself in the pool instead of having a book in my hand. But when it is rainy, it is the perfect time to catch up on all my beach reading.
  2. Take a nap. It seems kind of obvious, but sometimes we are so programmed to be on the go-go-go. My husband is a prime example. He takes great pride in his work, and he spends time outside of work making sure everything is how it is supposed to be. So when we are at the beach, he actually takes the time to relax and nap, which makes me rainy day activities nap
  3. Play board games. Even when it isn’t raining, this is one of our favorite vacation activities. You haven’t seen anything until you join in one of our “cutthroat” UNO games. It is a great time to play old favorites or learn to play a new one.board games rainy day activities
  4. Go to an aquarium or movie theater. On the Wildwood Boardwalk, there is a nice aquarium that is inside. It is a great place to get out of the rain, make some new friends, and learn a few things too!  There are also great game arcades that you can visit and have some great family fun!
  5. Plan your next vacation. You may be thinking: but we are currently on vacation, why think ahead. Well, the place we stay at books up fast, and our vacation window is limited because of vacations at work, so we book before we even leave. Then we often discuss new things we have done and things we want to make sure we do the following year.
  6. Spend some time journaling. This is a great way to remember all the fun you are having on your vacation. It is a great way to jot down names of outstanding employees, especially if you are active on TripAdvisor. Places like Sandals Resorts gives raises and bonuses to employees that are mentioned, so I like to do my part.
  7. Go out and dance in the rain! If all else fails, just head out and play in the rain. The rain eventually stops, so might as well enjoy it while you are there.

Now that you have some ideas for fun rainy day activities on your beach vacation, which one will be your favorite? Right now, with how busy work has been, a good nap sounds like the perfect thing to do!

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